The Nigerian Football Federation and the Interim Management Committee have secured a 10-year partnership agreement worth ten billion naira (10 billion naira) with GTI Group.

The deal was reported to be to upgrade the Nigerian Professional Football League (NPFL).

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The deal, according to GTI Group GMD Mr. Abubakar Lawal, will cover title sponsorship, broadcast rights, referee compensation, infrastructure development, properties and will ensure all 20 top league clubs become independent of government patronage.

The group’s projection for the NPFL is expected to reach a mega figure of around N10 billion in 2023/33 when the contract runs out, a source has revealed.

We hope that between now and the first three years of this deal, the Nigerian national league should have players in the NPFL earning around N1 million at least as salary.” said the GMD.

It’s going to be massive, it’s pure business, and the clubs will benefit so much that they will stop being government sponsored clubs again.

“This is because there will be a lot of money to spread between the clubs.”

“We will get main sponsors for the league and we will also attract money for the league from other sponsors”

“At the end of the 2022/23 league season, the top 20 league clubs will earn 45 per cent of the profit from the sponsorship money.” Legal disclosed.

We are considering the possibility that within three years the government should hand over the funding of football teams in Nigeria, especially the Nigerian top division clubs.”

He stated that the NPFL is now domiciled with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and is in TNFF, thus divorcing it from the freehold of any individual or group.