More backlash has followed the endorsement of Labor Party presidential candidate Peter Obi by former President Olusegun Obasanjo and Edward Clark, as the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in the south-west has outlined the action of the two statesmen older as a blessing in disguise for Bola Ahmed Tinubu to win the next general election.

Isaacs Kekemeke, APC national vice president for the southwest, and Ayotunde Bally, APC Presidential Campaign Council secretary for the Ondo central senatorial district, said this Thursday in Akure, the Ondo state capital, at the time of the official inauguration of the Coalition. of Christian Leaders in Politics for Bola Ahmed Tinubu and all APC aspirants in collaboration with Yoruba Young Christian Leaders Forum, South-West Region.

According to Kekemeke, “for us it is good news and the joy of the news is that those who they supported will not win the elections, they will fail. They backed in 2015 and 2019 and lost and will lose this time too.

“In this election, it is not a question of who will be the CAN president, but who will serve Nigeria best and the only person who can serve Nigeria best is Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

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“Who will give us security to serve our God, who will give adequate security to us and to others? Anyone who can’t tell the story of him can’t be given a chance to fill a position.”

Kekemeke therefore advised Christians in all states not to be fooled in the name of religious affiliations to make the wrong choice in the upcoming general election in the country saying that “what we need right now is someone to deliver and serve Nigeria”. better.”

“My good message to the good people of the Southwest is to fully support Tinubu’s ambition to become president because he is the single best candidate among other candidates. Tinubu is the best and most qualified person who can rule this country,” Kekemeke added.

For his part, Ayotunde Bally said Nigerians are not gullible as they would massively support Tinubu despite Peter Obi’s endorsement.

Ayotunde, who said Obi’s endorsement would help Tinubu’s landslide victory, noted that the APC presidential candidate is the only candidate in this year’s elections who could bring sustainable development and economic change to the country.

“Nigerians are not gullible, they know Asiwaju Tinubu’s ability, no endorsement can make them change their mind not to vote for our candidate.”

Guest speaker at the event, Kayode Oladipupo, while speaking said that “if Tinubu wins, it will become an opportunity for Christians in all states to prepare for the future presidency.

According to him, “What we need in this incoming Tinubu government is an Attorney General, who is Christian in mind and truth, we need the President of the Senate and the SGF. If we can have these three positions, it is enough for Tinubu’s eight years of rule.”

Oladipupo, however, said: “Muslim Muslim is a strategy from God to reposition Christianity in Nigeria and that is why we should vote for Tinubu and his running mate Shettima in the next general election.”