Presenting a check to the Center’s Medical Director on Wednesday, Obi, who was represented by Ambassador Bianca Ojukwu, praised the hospital management for putting life before monetary consideration in terms of paying the deposit.

He said the exemplary conduct of the hospital in ensuring the survival and full recovery of the patient showed “the New Nigeria we all yearn for.”

According to him, Usulor’s recovery and the exemplary conduct of Hopecare Medical Center is a shining example that with love and care, Nigerians have the ability to rebuild this great country once again.

“In fact, I was surprised when I heard about Usulor’s story from Ambassador Ojukwu.

“We have to carry each other’s load, be our brother’s keeper and create a Nigeria that works for everyone and we can be proud to call it ours and our home.” he said.

In response, the center’s medical director, Dr. Samuel Ngwu, said she was admitted for a few days in June 2022 and was taken to the hospital in a coma by neighbors living in her rooms.

Ngwu noted that she was in a coma for a whole 10 days, and her medical case had some complications.

According to him, these complications include kidney failure, which forced the hospital to perform dialysis, diabetes complication, and finally, he also developed an ulcer due to the long stay in bed.

“As God willing, she recovered. Initially there was no monetary deposit and my staff informed me.

“And my response was that a 22-year-old will never die in my care because of money.

“So, we continue to treat her; and after treatment, paying the medical bill became a challenge after he was discharged on July 1, 2022.

“Since then, she was unable to meet her bill and had been here while the husband who also came with their two-year-old son abandoned her and her son to date.

“While he is in the hospital all this time, he lives on handouts from other patients or relatives of other patients he meets on the ward. Earlier today, a relative of a patient gave her N3,000,” she said.

The medical director thanked Obi for the gesture, adding that “We look forward to a New Nigeria, where we will be led by visionary leaders like Mr. Peter Obi.”

With tears in his eyes, Usulor, who hails from Ebonyi, thanked Obi for identifying with “a poor man and nobody” in society.

“I am overcome with joy at not knowing how to thank His Excellency for this kind gesture and in memory of someone who has been abandoned.

“I am grateful to Dr. Samuel Ngwu and the entire administration of Hopecare Medical Center that God has used to keep me alive to this day. May God continue to bless and reward you all.” she added.