Labor Party presidential candidate Peter Obi has expressed optimism about building a new Nigeria, pointing out that other political parties are built on corruption.

Obi said this on Wednesday, when his presidential campaign council arrived at the Pantami stadium in Gombe state, to solicit votes, noting that the solution lay with the Labor Party.

Our correspondent reports that Obi previously met with Gombe women in the conference room of the International Hotel, where he sought their support, stressing that they should use their permanent voter cards to bring the right change to the country.

The Labor Party candidate told participants that as mothers of the nation, they had a vital role to play not only by participating in politics, but also by leading their children, who were the youth, to vote wisely in the elections. 2023 elections.

The Labor Party presidential candidate added: “We are the structure. You are the structure. Its structure is that of theft and corruption, but we will eliminate it”.

According to him, voters in the past had voted for political parties with symbols of inanimate objects, adding that it was time Nigerians voted for human beings.

Noting that a new Nigeria was possible when someone with good character is elected to power, Obi said: “The 2023 election is an election that will start a new Nigeria that its citizens will begin to trust and have confidence in.” , adding that the work of building a new country like Nigeria requires physical and mental energy.

He added: “We want to build a new Nigeria, you voted for the umbrella, it leaked and you were suffering. You voted for the broom, it plunged you into poverty. Now is the time to vote for human beings to bring a new Nigeria. It’s time to vote for mom, dad and pikin (kids).”

Calling for support for the party, Obi said he would bring the government closer to the electorate.

“Go to every corner of Gombe and tell people that we are the people you are seeing. We want to bring the government closer to the people, so we are traveling from north to south to reach the people directly,” Obi added.