The Ogun State chapter of Action Alliance, AA, has put forward Samuel Adeyemi as its gubernatorial candidate.

Adeyemi, an Ijebu Igbo-born doctor, is the party’s first candidate for governor in Ogun State, having emerged through a consensus deal.

Speaking at a press conference in Abeokuta, Adeyemi revealed how some prominent political parties lured him with millions of Naira to form a merger.

Saying that he turned down more than N250 million from an undisclosed party, Adeyemi said that AA is the third major force in Ogun politics.

The AA candidate has vowed to stop corruption if elected to office.

To achieve this, he said he would establish the Ogun State-owned anti-corruption agency as the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC.

According to him, the anti-corruption agency would not be established to investigate his predecessors or his appointees, but to rid his administration and the state of future corrupt practices.

Adeyemi said that he would warn his appointees, civil/public officials and the private sector to avoid corrupt practices, or else they will have to deal with Ogun EFCC.

Addressing reporters in Abeokuta ahead of the start of the party’s campaign, Adeyemi stated that the AA is “committed to the emancipation of the suffering masses” by taking over the state in the 2023 election.

Boasting that he would be the next governor on May 29, the candidate pledged to abide by the rule of law, respect the fundamental human rights of citizens, and ensure the safety of life and property.

“Our vision is to make Ogun State the safest state in Nigeria, the best economy and the most productive industrial hub in Africa,” he said.

In his campaign promises, Adeyemi maintained that education will be free up to first grade with terms and conditions applied.

He also assured that medical care will be free for pregnant mothers and schoolchildren up to 18 years of age and promised to set up small and medium-sized industrial companies to offer employment.

He maintained that the workers, retirees, students, youth, artisans, merchants, transporters and the disabled of Ogun would not regret having voted for the Alliance in Action.

The businessman said he would complete the two ongoing airports in Ogun state and “put in a railway infrastructure to connect them to the various parts of the state, using all available forms of combination of funds.”

In addition, he stated that the party is contesting all 40 seats in Ogun during the 2023 elections, saying that “we have structure and agents in all 236 districts.”

He said: “We signal to the population to cast their votes for us in the next elections to guarantee integrity, transparency and honesty in the management of state affairs.”