The Ondo state government said on Monday it will spend 3.2 billion naira on security this year.

State Commissioner for Economic Planning and Budget, Mr. Emmanuel Igbasan, while presenting the analysis of the 2023 budget to journalists in Akure, the state capital, said the sum of N2bn was meant to provide security hardware for the Agency of the Ondo State Security Network, also known as Amotekun.

State Governor Mr. Rotimi Akeredolu on 5th December 2022 submitted a total budget proposal of N272.73 billion to the state House of Assembly but N275 was passed by lawmakers. 98bn, which he signed into law in December.

The commissioner said: “Provision of security hardware for Amotekun, N2bn; acquisition of security vehicles, N500m; provision of security equipment/infrastructure, N700m and purchase of 10 motorcycles for bailiffs and security personnel and other judicial personnel, N5m.

He explained that the budget was prepared based on the inputs collected in the councils of nine federal constituencies.

Igbasan said stakeholders were consulted before the budget was prepared to include farmers, women’s groups, youth groups, craft unions, professional bodies, people with disabilities, organized private sectors, among others.

He said: “Ondo State recently ranked the lowest on the multidimensional poverty index in the country in a survey conducted by the National Statistics Office in conjunction with UNICEF and others. This feat is occasioned by the people-oriented programs undertaken by this administration which paid due attention to economic drivers and enablers during the year.

“There is a need to deepen the economic impact of various programs that give the state this recognition. The next step will be to ensure that more people enter the production circuit and lift themselves out of poverty.

“The Governor, therefore, approved that the programs that will affect the majority of our people be prioritized in the year. Therefore, the budget is titled ‘Prosperity Crushing Budget’”.