The youth of Nigeria bear the brunt of bad governance. They must stubbornly follow the OBIdient path now to stand up on their own and wrest Nigeria from their evil clutches, before it’s too late!

By Emma Nwosu

“There is a tide in the affairs of men, which taken in the flood leads to fortune. Omitted, their entire life’s journey is bound up with shoals and misery. In such a full sea we are now afloat. And we must take the current when it serves, or lose our companies. – William Shakespeare (in Julius Caesar)

Dear young people of Nigeria, you all thought that your OBIdient Movement, to save your heartbroken country from the brink, would soon fade away but instead it has come to stay and grows bigger and stronger every day. In just seven months you are already on the threshold of victory that seems certain! His phenomenal achievement and the attendant paradigm shift of Peter Obi’s public good politics, in contrast to the predatory politics of the old guard APC and PDP, will be the subject of research and publication for years to come. Congratulations!

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Be strong and keep going, for the sake of your future and that of generations to come. The old guard APC and PDP’s cup of iniquity is full and you must make them drink it, now! They are already falling apart. But whatever happens, don’t let them escape in the few days that remain.

Remember that opportunity knocks once and a leopard can never change its spots. If they take you away from the liberation crusade, by any means, they will crush you and pocket the future of Nigeria. They never cared about you. They didn’t even care about your education, so you’d never measure up to their kids. Instead, they are plotting a closed system in which they and their generations will rule, with you and your generations hemmed in! They are masters of deception. Don’t be fooled by their late proposals!

After ripping people off (through outrageous nepotism, remuneration, severance package, and asset conversion) as governor or minister and whatever, they go on to corner the legislature and other strategic government bodies (rather than resign for new blood ) and impose their relatives and friends in elected positions that they cannot fill directly, at the expense of merit, without the opportunity to compete. Consult the trend and the profile of the incorporations to political positions, NNPC, CBN, NPA, NCS, FIRS, NIMASA and the rest of ministerial departments and agencies!

They have also shut you out of their parties, through high application fees, vote buying and cult cabal systems so that they remain underdogs and never have the opportunity to reach a strategic political position to oppose them or change anything, like nobody’s children. .

In the meantime, you, the young people of Nigeria, are the majority shareholders of the Nigerian company and should call the shots. You have the population. You are the ones brimming with ideas and energy and breaking new ground in science and technology, commerce and industry, arts and culture, entertainment and sports, and in electoral victories and political appointments around the world. . You are the ones still giving Nigeria a positive mention on the world stage.

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You are the ones who must defend the country and give your life in case of aggression. Aren’t you the ones facing the insurgents, from Boko Haram to bandits and Unknown Gunmen, now? You are even the election officials and party representatives. However, he saw them compromise elections at the expense of contenders who could best serve the people but don’t have the war chest!

Your mumu doesn’t! The country and the future actually belong to you. You are the ones who bear the brunt of the bad government. They must stubbornly follow the OBIdient path now to stand up on their own and wrest Nigeria from their evil clutches, before it’s too late!

Let no one dissuade you from harnessing Peter Obi’s toughness, prudence and public good policy (which he amply demonstrated in Anambra State) to secure a new Nigeria. He has won many daunting battles since Ground Zero and he is the right man to lead you on this quest.

Yes, they are doing everything possible to frustrate and demoralize them and to divide their ranks by religion, tribe, etc., while adversity does not discriminate. Myopic quacks and collaborators from the Obi region speak against him, to give the impression that his people, who should know him better, do not stand behind him, contrary to abundant evidence. Stand your ground!

They’re telling you that Obi can’t win because he doesn’t enjoy the APC and PDP type of structures for vote rigging, which is a big lie. The best structure is the organic one of you, the youth of Nigeria and the people, supported by the new Electoral Law and technology, capable of diminishing your evil structures. Keep mobilizing and educating voters down to the grassroots across the country and take steps to protect the votes and the voting process, to wow them.

Keep in mind, however, that it doesn’t end with winning the election. You must be waiting to support the government of Peter Obi to realize and carry out the redemption of Nigeria. In particular, you need to be ready to march on parliament in case they try to block your good policies at any time.

Ignore those who would like you to remain docile. There is nothing I have said or done that is mischievous, untrue or scathing compared to what they (including high-ranking public officials such as Nasir El-Rufai and Babatunde Fashola, who have a higher duty of care) said and did. in the campaigns. for Buhari and the APC. Just focus on the goal and ignore the tantrums.

Remember the Lekki Toll Gate massacre of October 2020 and Ms. Victoria Chintex, among the most recent in the catalog of unjustified deaths she has suffered in the attempt to liberate her country. Their soldiers shot you while you were singing and waving the national flag! The Police shoot you indiscriminately everywhere, at the slightest altercation, even for carrying a laptop or any element of modern technology that you appreciate. The blood of the heroes of your struggle must not be shed in vain but must lead you to victory. And victory is never obtained on a gold platter.

You have made the right choice in Peter Obi for the 2023 presidency. You have done a great job of raising awareness and mobilizing. But his back must still be broken in these final days to saturate the cities, bases and rural areas with the message of liberation and institute measures to protect the votes and the voting process. As they say, it’s not over until it’s over and the devil never sleeps. You can’t go that far just to buckle up. Shalom!