The Transition Monitoring Group has partnered with the Independent National Electoral Commission to ensure credible elections during next year’s elections.

To accomplish this, TMG wrapped up an intensive two-day train-the-trainer program for 18 State Coordinators in Kano State on Tuesday.

During the event, TMG Chairman Auwal Musa (Rafsanjani) vowed to ensure the implementation of the revised Electoral Law in the 2023 elections.

He added that TMG has partnered with INEC to ensure that the 2023 general election becomes the most credible and transparent election in Nigeria.

He also reaffirmed the group’s willingness to ensure that recent electoral reforms that were collectively and individually fought for reflect the outcome of the elections.

”It was our desire to bring state coordinators across the country to one event, but for logistical reasons, we have been forced to split the event in two. Last week, we held the southern leg of this workshop in Enugu, this week we are here in Kano for the northern leg,” Musa said.

According to Musa, TMG is partnering with INEC to ensure free, fair and credible elections in 2023, in about 96 days.

He said the training was to keep TMG at the forefront of civic engagement and put us back on the map for attracting more funding in the future.

“Therefore, the implementation of this project becomes even more crucial, since the Secretariat had tried to guarantee the participation of the state coordinators in the concept of the project.”

“It is within this idea that the training of trainers workshop is organized to refresh knowledge and equip coordinators with responsibilities for the 2023 elections.”

Similarly, Musa stated that the TMG is also holding talks with the various security agencies to ensure the safety of both human and INEC sensitive materials, as well as peaceful and violence-free elections.

In his presentation, the Head of the Electoral Education Unit of the INEC, Garba Ashiru, said that the commission has increased transparency and public confidence in its electoral processes.

“I can confidently say that the days of rampant manipulation of election results are over. Other than that, the Commission is not resting on its oars, knowing that it must be thousands of miles ahead of those who seek to undermine the system.”

“The importance of IRev for the transparency of results management is obvious. I call on all stakeholders to support the Commission to continue to improve IRev and the entire results management system towards the 2023 general elections, which will be much more extensive than we have done so far.”