Adeleke shatters Oyetola’s hopes: sAdeleke also asked him to end any hope of a possible return as state governor.

He declared that God is not a supporter of banditry and electoral deception but of justice, equity and honesty.

In a statement signed by Olawale Rasheedher spokeswoman, Adeleke said “The holy books even pointed out that the devil’s whispers are real and that no one should confuse the devil’s voice with God’s. Our Almighty God has spoken out strongly in favor of a new Governor, Senator Ademola Adeleke.

“Sir. Oyetola better be reading ‘auzubilahi mina shaytani rajeem’ so that he can hear the true voice of God: that a new leader is anointed by divine will for the people of Osun.”

While stating that the people of the State had moved on and were now enjoying their stewardship, Adeleke reminded Oyetola that election was not the end of life.

“Osun has launched a new chapter. This new leadership has returned state power to the people who now feel the new air of government of the people, by the people and for the people. Osun will never be returned to the locust years.” concluded the statement.

Why Adeleke criticizes Oyetola: The governor was reacting to a statement that credited ex-governor Oyetola that he was in the State to claim his mandate.

What you should know: Oyetola, who left the state ahead of Adeleke’s inauguration on November 27, 2022 as Osun State’s sixth executive governor, was in the state on Monday, January 2, 2022 to kick off Tinubu/Shettima’s presidential campaign.