African Action Congress presidential candidate Omoyele Sowore said Wednesday that Nigerians who will vote for the ruling All Progressives Congress to retain power in the upcoming 2023 election “love suffering.”

This was stated by the AAC standard bearer during an interview at ‘La Mesa Redonda’ organized by PUNCH Newspapers.

When Sowore was asked if he would be surprised if the APC presidential candidate wins the 2023 election, he said there would be two things involved if APC wins: either through rigging or that the people who would vote for them are not tired of suffer.

Furthermore, he questioned why Nigerians seemed to have a history of supporting their “abusers”.

A furious Sowore said that if the APC wins, “I would be surprised, but first we need to look at two things.

“First is whether there was a credible election because the APC is used to winning elections that don’t happen. Very shady party, the same thing happened to the PDP when it was in power (in the center).

“Secondly, if it is true that they did win the election, then we would have to look at Nigerians as a people, if there is a problem with our ability to take punishment. Do we ever get tired of punishment? Do we ever get tired of being abused?

“Why would a people apparently be comfortable with difficulties? It’s nothing new anyway, but I’m just reiterating it. I have asked myself this question many times.

“Sometimes, you read comments from experts with ignorance and very holistic views on the state of the nation, you wonder what’s wrong with us. And some of them are people you respect.

He continued: “Some would authoritatively say that the government position is the best. They did so when the June 12 elections were annulled; they did so when former President Olusegun Obasanjo wanted to run for a third term, with some arguing that Nigeria had never had a leader like him, so he should run for a third term.

“They also did during the time of (Gen Sani) Abacha, five political parties came together and swore that he was the best thing that could happen to Nigeria; but the day he died, they sang a different tune.

“At the end of the day, we need conscientious citizens to stand strong and regardless of who wins this election, we will all bear the consequences of our actions,” he concluded.