The coordinator of Real Christian Gospel Ministry, an evangelical ministry in Dutse, Abuja, Pastor Innocent Odo, has advised all who successfully enter the new year to be very grateful to Almighty God, regardless of their financial situations or other difficulties.

In his New Year message to Nigerians in Abuja yesterday, Pastor Innocent said that just because one does not have enough money in their bank account does not mean that God is absent from that person’s life.

He said: “Money can always come at any time when there is life, but life is a rare gift that only God can obtain and keep. Looking at the ugly situation in the world today, many people have left as a result of the deadly waves of the global pandemic, wars, terrorism, famine that led to banditry and kidnapping. So, reasonable survivors should be grateful to Almighty God by being more obedient to Him in order to continue enjoying His mercies and gracious works.”

He added that Christians should not be discouraged by life’s difficulties, as such situations are not new to humanity, but that those who remain faithful to the end will enjoy God’s last blessings on earth or in the hereafter.

“Take a look at the Israelites, how they suffered for many decades under Egyptian captivity, but God did not turn away from them. Consider King David, he was king but suffered many tribulations both from Israel and from outside, including his own son Absalom, but in the end he emerged victorious. The suffering did not start today, difficult times come and go, but the faithful always remain with God,” he said.

Innocent advised married couples not to let difficulties cause separation between them, and warned women to remain loyal and faithful to their husbands, as they would eventually be rewarded for their perseverance. He also warned young people not to join bad groups or engage in indecent behavior as a result of the bad economy.

“Women, respect your husbands, children, obey your parents, men, do everything possible to take care of your families, crying lasts all night, but joy comes in the morning,” she said.