What Tinubu said: Pulse reports that Tinubu during his campaign speech on Saturday, January 7, 2022 in Ondo State said that the former governor of Anambra State saved money instead of saving people.

Tinubu compared Peter Obi to parents who would be stingy in spending their resources and would allow their children to suffer.

Tinubu’s words:All he could do was boast that he saved money. But I tell you that it is an evil father who has money in his hand and allows his children to starve.

“Similarly, he is a heartless governor who withholds money when people go hungry and schools, roads and clinics fall into disrepair. Neither the city dweller nor the farmer prospered under him.

Obi returns the applause to Tinubu: However, during an interview on Channels TV, Obi assured that the corruption perception index is one of the things that is killing the country.

The LP candidate also dismissed Tinubu’s statement arguing that no one can blame him for refusing to steal public funds and questioned when saving has become an issue.

He said: “It’s good that when my opponents talk. Let’s talk about corruption. One of the things that is killing this country today is the Corruption Perceptions Index, which is measured by how you manage public goods, nepotism, how you share the land, how you manage your money and everything.

“I have challenged everyone to say: ‘Go and see if there is a kobo of the Anambra State money missing.’ Saving has now become a problem. When people have stolen all the money and impoverished the country and now you are questioning a man who left the money without anyone telling me to leave it and go.”

Tinubu says that Atiku is lazy: The former Lagos State Governor also attacked former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, saying he is resilient to do the hard and courageous work required to build a better Nigeria and would prefer to sell all the country’s assets without worrying about the ensuing hardship for the citizenry.