Wia dis photo comes from, Pedro Obi

The Labor Party presidential candidate has vowed to eliminate Nigeria’s multiple exchange rate system.

Peter Obi reveals this during my visit to Chatham House, UK on Monday.

E say that the plan to collaborate with the Central Bank of Nigeria for the transparent liberalization of the foreign exchange market and to dismantle the multiple exchange rate regime is not very clear.

Obi addresses the challenges facing the day.

We say that Nigeria has an alarming insecurity that does not lead to the loss of many lives and property, decrease in economic and food production, traumas that affect the mental health of communities, in addition to odes.

They say the economy is in crisis with a ‘worrisome debt profile’ but it is no worse off because of oil theft.

The Di Laborista Party candidate adds that two economic recessions in six years and the “unfortunate” energy sector affect manufacturing and social life.

They say this Chattam House event challenges them to new thinking.

Here are some of the few things that Peter Obi did among many;

  • Oga Obi says that the solution to Nigeria’s energy problem is comprehensive and unique, covering transmission, distribution, generation and financing, as detailed in the Manifesto of the day.
  • E say that the additional loans go to and strictly for productive purposes
  • Dem plans to reshape Nigeria’s tertiary institutions to serve as hubs or hubs for research, development and commercialization of ideas for Nigeria’s rapid industrialization.
  • Peter Obi will move Nigeria right into the top tier of the Human Capital Development index, dem go for a Marshall plan type education program wey go incorporates compulsory technical and vocational skills, sports, entrepreneurship, coding and digital skills from the primary to the secondary level.

Tins Peter Obi explains during Q&A

Wia dis photo comes from, Pedro Obi

Peter Obi answers some questions during the im address of Chatham House, London.

Peter Obi says that foreign investors like bee and honey.

“Everything you need to create honey, the way the bees are going to find the place is very simple.”

And they say that foreign capital is afraid of corruption, where there are no rules and policies of the board of directors.

After comparing Nigeria’s electricity generation to South Africa’s, Peter Obi says I’m going to declare war on the electricity sector.

“…South Africa for the last three months, don’t declare a power supply emergency and say anyone can generate up to 100 megawatts with the day license.”

“So someone would have 60 million people and generate 40,000 megawatt ova but declare an emergency, do you think someone would get 200 million pip ova and generate 5 to 6,000 megawatts to go to war?

“I declare war on the energy sector and I’m going to solve it.”

“Anyone who gets in the way, so be it.”

Peter Obi says that I must take out poverty when they ravage the north.

“The vast land of the north, much more in terms of assets and source of income generation and export for Nigeria than oil.”

“It’s very simple, have him give you an example of a state for the north, the state of Niger.”

Wetin be ‘Chatham House?

Anoda name for Chatham House na di Royal Institute of International Affairs.

The institute will become an independent policy institute and will be based in London, UK.

According to the organization’s website, dia mission na provides commentary on world events and provides solutions to global challenges.

Dem dey dan thought leadership on ogbonge wey dey issues define di 20th century.

The dey platform also gives African independence leaders a platform during decolonization.

Chatham House has been a source of independent analysis, trusted dialogue and influential ideas for one hundred years.