The Honorable Christopher Izu is the Immediate Past Vice President of Local Government for Ethiopia East and Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to the Governor of Delta State on Political Affairs. In this interview, Izu talks about the strength of the Peoples’ Democratic Party PDP in the state, among other topics. extracts

With five days to go, what are your party’s chances in the presidential election?

The chances of my party in the presidential elections are very good because the Atiku/Okowa candidacies are widely accepted throughout the country. Nigerians are tired of the All Progressives Congress led administration with the recent suffering in the country as a result of the mindless policies that have brought down the nation’s economy.

How will you assess your party’s readiness for the gubernatorial election?

Having campaigned across the state connecting directly with people, I can safely say that my party is 100% ready for the gubernatorial election and we are confident of victory. The structure of the PDP in the state of Delta cannot be easily destroyed because the base of the party in the state is solid, which is decisive in evaluating the victory in the elections.

How do you intend to bring the PDP into your local government area with the current split in your party?

There are no cracks in the Ethiopian East local government PDP and we are prepared to hand over all party candidates. The local government of Ethiopia East will give a reasonable percentage for the match at the state and federal level.

Did the defection of the previous local government chair with whom you worked as vice president affect the party structure in your local government area?

It is unfortunate that some of our members left the party, but the fact is that the PDP is too big in the LGA to be bothered by the movement of some people in the party.

Do you have any concerns about the elections?

Don’t worry at all, we have worked hard and victory is certain. The people who should be concerned are APC, who have gotten Nigerians into untold hardship with nonsensical policies. PDP is here to rescue and restore Nigeria.