The House Minority Caucus congratulated Nigerians on the occasion of the New Year 2023, urging them to forge a formidable front in determination to rescue the nation from oppressive forces.

House Minority Leader Ndudi Elumelu, in a message to mark the new year, said Nigerians had reason to thank God for “surviving sweltering economic hardships, growing insecurity and the myriad of repressive experiences brought about by by the bad government of the Congress of All Progressives (APC).”

He said the New Year presented a new opportunity for Nigerians to rekindle their sense of patriotism, love, care and commitment to one another as they “redirect their productive energies, collective ingenuity, creativity and ingenuity to reinvent our nation for the good of all.

“Therefore, the year 2023 is significant, as it is the year of the long-awaited general elections that will mark the end of eight years of the stifling APC regime, as Nigerians go to the polls to elect a new people-oriented leadership. to begin the onerous task of rebuilding our nation.

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“Our group therefore urges Nigerians to put aside all personal, group, sectional, ethnic and religious parochial sentiments and focus on the broader national interest and firmly resist all self-serving and anti-democratic forces that may attempt to distract or subvert their will in the elections.

“In this context, all democratic institutions and security agencies must implement all necessary measures to guarantee a free, fair, transparent, peaceful and credible electoral process in which Nigerians participate freely and in which all votes count at the same time. end of the day”.

The caucus urged President Muhammadu Buhari to write his name in gold by ensuring he leaves a lasting legacy as a leader who ensured free and fair elections and delivered genuinely elected Nigerians in the upcoming presidential election, regardless of the party the individual belonged to. .