• Weeks before the presidential elections on February 25, General Ibrahim Babangida (retired), the former head of state of Nigeria, left the country.
  • Sources close to the former military leader said he is going to Germany for routine medical check-ups.
  • It also follows that IBB is trying to avoid getting involved in any kind of drama and controversy that may emanate from the election.
  • A part of the politician believes that the absence of IBB and Atiku Abubakar in the country is so that both of them can have a secret meeting abroad, but this is only a suspicion.

One of Nigeria’s former military heads of state, General Ibrahim Babangida, traveled to Germany.

The leadership reports that Babangida was accompanied to Germany on Sunday, January 8, by his second son, Aminu, and a security assistant and is expected to return after the general election.

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IBB will return to Nigeria after the general election (Photo: Northern PDP Social Media)
Source: Facebook

It was collected that at Abuja’s Nnamdi Azikiwe airport, IBB’s other sons said goodbye to him.

Although Babangida’s decision to leave Nigeria has raised suspicions that he plans to join Atiku Abubakar for a secret meeting, a close family source has revealed that IBB is trying to evade any controversy ahead of the general election.

The source also revealed that the former leader must carry out his usual medical check-ups.

Claiming anonymity, the source said:

“His Excellency is certainly reluctant to be mentioned and associated with any of the controversies the election may generate and has decided to leave.

“Some of the presidential candidates have already requested to visit him publicly, but he refused and decided to leave the country.”

It was learned that IBB will be in Germany for three months and would return a few days to Ramadan.

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Polls 2023: Is Atiku seriously ill? New facts emerge about the state of health of the standard-bearer of the PPD

An emerging report has revealed that Atiku Abubakar, the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate is seriously ill and has been flown to the UK for medical attention.

The Adamawa-born politician flew to the UK from Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Legit.ng deduced that details about his failing health were revealed by a senior source at his presidential campaign council.

The source said:

“Atiku is not feeling well; he is in the hospital receiving treatment.

“That is why he is not back in Nigeria for the presidential campaign. She was in Dubai but now she left Dubai for London for treatment. He has been transferred to the UK for treatment. That is why he is still abroad.

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Babangida has reacted to a viral claim that he has endorsed Peter Obi, the Labor Party’s presidential candidate, by 2023.

In a parody account purportedly used by Babangida, but actually belonging to a Twitter subscriber, @General_Ibbro, the former Nigerian leader is claimed to have said:

“General Olusegun Obasanjo will always be a true senior statesman and chief in the army. No general serving in the Nigerian army today joined the army before 1982…”

Source: Legit.ng