Labor Party presidential candidate Peter Obi said on Thursday the country’s highest office was not a retirement home for people aged 70 and over, but a place meant for young, agile people with a passion for country. developing.

Obi, who said he was the only youth among the candidates of the four major political parties in the February 25 election, said it was the turn of the Nigerian youth to take back the country by holding the exalted office and others.

The LP standard-bearer, speaking at Ado Ekiti during his campaign in Ekiti State, insisted on “character, competence, commitment and compulsion as necessary in the election”, saying that “this election must be based on competition .

“We want people who are competent, who understand the problem of our country. Our people are dying of poverty, we want people who fight against poverty. The LP government will fight poverty. I am committed to building a new Nigeria. Don’t let anyone tell them it’s their turn, I’m not competing for turns, I’m competing as a Nigerian who is the most qualified.”

As he sought the vote of the people of Ekiti for him to emerge as the next president, he told the youth: “It is not a retirement home. We want you to take power, our government will be full of youth, youth and women, we want to return power to you.

“Vote for Peter Obi and vice-presidential candidate Ahmed Datti and see how Nigeria will change. Me and Datti are qualified. We have the education, the physical energy, the commitment, the passion.

“The LP government will secure and unite this country. Today there is no security in the country, we want to secure and unite the country. Today people are hungry in the country, there is no work, there is no work for our youth.

“What we want to do is make sure that the country moves from consumption to production. If we start producing in this country, there will be jobs, our young people will have jobs, we will export, then the value of the naira will be strong against the currencies of the US, UK and others.”

Ekiti LP Chairman Odunayo Okunade in his speech advised Ekiti voters not to sell votes, saying, “Vote for Obi who is competent, proven and trusted to eradicate poverty, hunger, corruption and insecurity in Nigeria”.

LP national chairman Julius Abure, who thanked party supporters for coming out in droves to support the party, urged them to vote for Obi in the February 25 presidential election, “because he is trustworthy, dedicated, committed and ready to fight for the survival of the youth and Nigerians.”