The family of a Kano state legislator, Senator Kabiru Gaya, has demanded an investigation into the alleged murder of their son, Sadiq Gaya.

While appealing to the Nigerian Bar Association, the Nigerian Police Force, the Federation Attorney General, the Ministry of Justice and well-meaning Nigerians, the family regretted that despite the evidence available to the relevant agencies, the His son’s murderers had not been brought. Reserve.

Our correspondent had reported in September 2022 on the arrest of five suspects allegedly connected to the murder of Sadiq, who was a lawyer and an employee of the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria.

Sadiq was reportedly killed by a friend at an Abuja recreation center after the sum of N3.8m was transferred from his account to the said friend’s account.

He was found in a pool of blood in what his family said was an attempt to cover up the true cause of his death.

According to testimonies from relatives, a close examination showed that his body was bruised and that he was bleeding from his nose and mouth, raising suspicions that he had been murdered.

Yet three months later, the suspects in the murder of the father of two were still at large.

In a letter to the Inspector General of Police, the attorney for the lawyer’s family, Lebo Ekito, demanded that the main suspect be prosecuted on manslaughter charges.

Addressing the press on Thursday, Ekito denounced the way the police handled the case.

“The life and safety of the witnesses is at risk and the evidence against the accused can be tempered within the last 48 hours of the improper release of an accused for a crime of possible homicide.

“We call on the police and the DPP to prevent this by re-arresting all those who were previously arrested and mistakenly released in connection with the death of Sadiq Gaya to be tried and determined innocent before they are allowed to leave. join the police. larger society for the safety of all,” he added.

The main partner of Halima Chambers and mother of the deceased, Dr. Halima Gaya, who regretted the release of the suspects, called on the relevant authorities to bring those involved in the murder of her son.