Bishop is also a well-known punter on social media and has more than 63,000 followers on Twitter. He has a good winning rate and has mainly followed sports other than soccer. He also won in sporting events like horse racing, volleyball, darts, and others.

2022 has been an important year for Bossolamilekan as it has won huge amounts of bookmakers. Bossolamilekan has more than 293k followers on Twitter and is well known for his following. The popular bettor has been placed at number 9 in our 2022 ranking.

LegitCalculator is a well known punter on Twitter with over 320k followers. He has been one of the top winners on Sportybet and has also broken the 50 million limit on Sportybet. He has been a constant bettor on Twitter and his followers have been very acclaimed.

SpirituaL is a popular bettor on Twitter with over 207k followers and has significant betting earnings in 2022. Many of his games have been a huge hit with his followers and many have benefited from his games. His betting influence has earned him many major victories.

Chizzy BB is one of the most renowned bettors in Nigeria. She has more than 164k followers on Twitter with a good win rate from major sportsbooks like Sportybet. She recently won the World Cup tournament that just concluded.

Here is another popular punter who became known in 2022. He has more than 610k followers on Twitter. He recently won over 500 odds on basketball forecasting, which has had more to do with his popularity on Twitter. Sporting King’s influence has grown since early 2022.

MrBanks is also a well-known punter with a huge following. He has more than 445 thousand followers on Twitter. He is mostly known for his constant betting tips and winnings. He has won millions on bets and had a consistent 2022 to cap his efforts.

Louie is one of the biggest and most recognized punters on Twitter with over 426k followers. He made his name by winning a lot on Sportybet and 1xbet and other bookmakers. He too has been a consistent winner in 2022 and has won many bets for his fans.

Here’s another renowned punter on Twitter. He has over 794k followers on Twitter and has won over 300 million bets in the last few years from Bet9ja and Sportybet. He recently won more than 50 million on Sportybet and also has a constant win rate in 2022. The popularity level of him on Twitter is high because he has won many bets for him and his followers.

The Mayor of Ekiti, also known as Ekitipikin, is our most influential punter in 2022. He has more than 539,000 followers on Twitter and has won millions on Sportybet and Msports respectively. His win rate is one of the highest in 2022. He recently broke Sportybet’s 40 million limit, forcing his hand to increase the limit to 50 million. Ekitipikin is mostly known as the bookies nightmare and has really become the bookies nightmare with his massive wins in 2022.