Real estate stakeholders have stated that real estate investment would boost the country’s economy this year.

Wealth Island Properties Africa chief executive Akintade Esan argued that real estate is one of the viable options available to investors, adding that the Nigerian economy was not as bad as some projected.

He noted: “I have two degrees in Economics and that positions me to be able to analyze the imminent economic situation. This goes against the parameters established by the experts.

“Nigeria is not in dire straits as most people think and predict. The economy will challenge the dynamics most people are used to, and that’s where the confusion begins to set in. However, some investment options have proven over time to be more predictable in difficult times like this.”

According to him, the government’s struggle to solve the housing problem for a growing population was already challenged by the hydra of social, security and electoral situations that the new year presented.

He added that a real estate investment gives a guarantee of stability and the highest possible return on investment because it is presented as a practical value and a solution to the problem currently facing the country.

He added: “At times like this, money is not reduced in circulation. It only moves from one sector to another, where its value is best appreciated. Property and housing for the underserved environment, such as Nigeria, provides an advantage to investors.”

Esan noted that seasons like this, when the environment was rife with uncertain news, position savvy investors to minimize risk by pitching with experts and investments that have been tested and safe.

“We follow a ‘certainty model’ that makes real estate products at all times but much more at different times like this. Ponzi schemes are everywhere and their promoters will be in town to shut down the news of the uncertain times that the economic landscape has predicted, but none of them have ever tried one before. Only wise investments in property and through a proven organization like ours will guide investors correctly.”

Along the same lines, a real estate agent, Charles Ukpong, noted that real estate was oil money for investors.