Supporters of the Social Democratic Party, SDP, in Lagos have embarked on the “March for Democracy” to mobilize Nigerians on the need to participate and vote in the presidential and National Assembly elections on February 25, as well as in the Governor and State Assembly elections scheduled for March 11. , 2023, for its candidates.

The march was led by SDP Presidential Candidate Prince Adewole Adebayo, Vice Presidential Candidate Mr. Yusuf Buhari, SDP Presidential Campaign Council Deputy Director General Ms. Khadija Okunu-Lamidi and others party leaders.

SDP supporters who gathered at SDP Secretariat Sabo Yaba on Monday morning at eight o’clock moved around the Lagos metropolis as: Ebute Meta, Obalende, Iyana Oworo, Maryland, Fadeyi on the road of Ikorodu, Computer Village in Ikeja among others to solicit votes for the party’s candidates.

Party supporters, who were distributing candidate flyers, addressed residents in the Obalende area of ​​Lagos Island about the need to vote for the SDP in the upcoming general election to elect credible leaders to lead the country out of poverty and restore lost glory.

Addressing residents of Obalende and other areas, Vice Presidential candidate Buhari called on those who have not obtained their Permanent Voter Cards, PVC, to take advantage of the extension from the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, to to do so in order to participate in the elections

Buhari said the party chose to walk for democracy as part of the Lagos presidential campaign rally to meet the grassroots people and instruct them to vote for the party as an alternative to transform the country and find lasting solutions to various challenges facing the country.

Also speaking to reporters, Okunnu-Lamidi spoke about the party’s chances in the upcoming general election, saying “SDP is one of the oldest political parties in the country,” urging Nigerians to vote for Adebayo as the next president of the country. because he is the most competent among the presidential candidates ”.

According to her, “This is the party that gave Late MKO Abiola a mandate and that democracy at that time was cut short, this is 30 years later, 1993 when that happened and we are in 2023, luckily, now we have another candidate who understands the subjects, and understands how to govern, is very intelligent and well educated.

“He is very in tune with the reality of the bases, that is the important thing, most of the candidates we had have been in the system and corrupted by the system, we cannot continue doing the same things and expect different results, that’s why it is important that Prince Adewole Adebayo commands, which choice of the people should be given the opportunity to govern the country”.

Okunnu-Lamidi said: “We hope Nigerians make a decision without money as they know that money that is spent on politics, most politicians don’t spend their money but spend their money to campaign so they continue to do the same. stuff.

“I hope Nigerians will listen to the issues and stop being carried away by the theater that is brought to them, they don’t talk about poverty, they don’t talk about how to eradicate children out of school, they don’t talk about finding lasting solutions. solutions to the floods in Nigeria, there is no talk about the availability of clean water, good medical care”.

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