• Urges Nigerians to invest in sports development

By John Adams, Minna

Senate deputy head Senator Aliyu Sabi Abdullahi, embittered by Niger’s northern senatorial district, inaugurated a multi-use sports complex in New Bussa, Borgu local government area of ​​the state, calling on individuals and organizations to that they invest in the sports development of the country.

The inauguration of the multi-purpose sports complex with a capacity for more than 10,000 people comes almost 30 years after it was abandoned and turned into a dump by people, leaving the entire city of Borgu, which is home to the world’s largest hydroelectric dam, without sports facilities. country.

The sports complex that was rebuilt by the Senator as part of his Constituency for the People projects will not only enhance sports development in the area but will promote other social activities among the people.

Inauguration of the sports complex in New Bussa, the seat of the Borgu local government area on Monday, as part of the “Grand Lockdown Rally” activities for APC presidential candidate Ahmed Bola Tinubu (Jagaban Borgu) and his running mate Kashim Shettima, as well as The candidate for governor of the state of Niger and his race on Tuesday, Senator Sabi said that the complex will promote sports activities in the area.

He said today that sport has become one of the largest sources of foreign exchange earnings worldwide, in addition to providing jobs for young people, and stressed that the only way to keep young people away from drug abuse and other social vices it is through participation in sports. .

However, he regretted that the lack of sports facilities is one of the biggest challenges facing sports development in the country, as little or no attention is paid to the development of these facilities, especially at the base.

Therefore, Senator Sabi called on wealthy individuals and corporate organizations to invest in sports development in the country as part of their contributions to educate young people and engage them in a productive enterprise.

He revealed that his decision to revive the multi-use sports complex, nearly 30 years after it was abandoned, was based on his belief that young people should get involved with others to divert their attention from drug abuse and other anti-social behaviour.