It’s a brand new episode of our news review show and we bring you some of the latest stories from around town.

Starting with the story of a herbalist, who died while having sex with a herdsman’s wife at Ikere Ekiti in Ekiti State. You may wonder, how did they meet to the point of having sex? What happened? The pastor’s wife? Herbalist? In fact, there are many questions, but watch the show to get some answers.

On the foreign scene, specifically in the UK, bits of Prince Harry’s memoir have been making waves. In one of the bits that went viral, Prince Harry accused his older brother and heir to the British throne, the Prince of Wales, William, of physically assaulting him. Anyway, on Tuesday, the memo titled ‘Spare’ will be released and more juicy details are expected to be revealed.

In Nigeria, the murder of a former Central Bank of Nigeria employee, his wife and their son continues to be a matter of great concern. Although the police claim that the couple was murdered, they had to get a lot of headway on the case. We pray for God’s comfort for the grieving family.

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