Victims of the December 18, 2022 attack on the Malagum 1 and Sokong communities in South Kaduna on Friday gave gruesome details about how the terrorists murdered 40 villagers.

The sources hinted that despite the attacks, the communities continued to be threatened with calls from the terrorists about future attacks.

The victims stripped naked when a non-profit organization, the Gideon and Funmi-Para-Malla Peace Foundation, donated relief materials including 100 blankets, 10 bags of rice, 10 bags of beans, 20 bags of salt and two bags of corn. .

Delegation leader Gideon Para-Mallam said it was even more terrifying to be told by one of the victims that around 9:5 a.m. he received a phone call from the perpetrators telling them they weren’t finished with them yet.

He explained that the attackers were using the cell phones of the victims they killed to call their loved ones and threaten to return.

One of the victims, Nathan Yashim, who recounted his ordeal, revealed that his father, mother, and stepbrother were slaughtered and burned like animals during the attack.

Yashim, who couldn’t hold back tears, said that his dreams in life had been shattered.

He said: “Those who perpetuated the act in our communities are Fulani. For two hours, the attackers were operating without a single security man coming to our rescue.

“I am one of the biggest farmers in this community, but I lost everything and I don’t know how to start life again.”

Earlier, during a town hall meeting in Kagoro, Kagoro Development Association President Jalz Gambo debunked the impression that what happened in the Malagum 1 and Sokong communities was a communal clash.

He said that the two communities were attacked while carrying out their normal activities.

Another victim, Joseph Utuk, who narrowly escaped the attack in the Sokong community, accused the military of being complacent about the attacks that took place.

“In the morning, we saw Nigerian army shell casings in our houses and this attack was carried out successfully for two hours without the help of the military who were just 30 meters from our community.

“After the attack in our community alone, where nine people were killed on December 18, the attackers returned the following night, but were repelled by the military,” Utuk said.

Para-Mallam said: “What happened in the Malagum 1 and Sokong communities is horrible, unacceptable and a demonstration of inhumanity towards man.

“Visits like this to the traumatized community help shed more light on what is really going on in South Kaduna for the wider world community.”