African Action Congress presidential candidate Omoyele Sowore has run over police over the murder that occurred during riots in the Ojota area of ​​Lagos.

Sowore, who used his name on social media on Monday, wrote: “Bloodthirsty Nigerian police force reportedly killed two Yoruba Nation agitators at a peaceful rally in Ojota, Lagos today. I totally condemn this unprovoked killing of peaceful protesters. ”

However, Lagos State Police Command public relations officer Benjamin Hundeyin only confirmed that one person was killed in the scuffle, adding that some of the protesters had attacked the police.

the punch reports that the self-determination group “Yoruba Nation” met in Ojota, Lagos for a demonstration today, and in the course of this, there were riots that led to a fight between the group and the police.

Also in reaction, a lawyer, Tope Temokun, condemned the killing, saying the Nigerian police were not operating with modern approaches.

Temokun said: “Ojota’s murder today is highly reprehensible. We call on the government to order the release of those arrested in the course of the protest.”

He condemned the police for going to meet the protesters with weapons. “We have said many times that these are very reckless tactics that all civilized nations have outgrown in their evolutionary history,” he said.

“Nigerian governments at all levels must respect the lives of citizens and ensure that the rule of law is respected in their responses to citizen agitation.

“The right to protest peacefully is a right granted by the constitution to the citizens and the police and even the government does not have the powers to take what the constitution has given to the citizens.

“There is no food in this country and the citizens are hungry. No work. There is no good path. There is no health insurance or guarantee. There is no security. The only thing Nigerian citizens can really claim they have today is their right to speech and the right to protest and once the government reacts to the exercise of these rights with bullets then there will be nothing left for citizens to cling to as their dividend in a supposed democracy.

“It is the duty of the police to guard the peaceful protesters and not kill them,” he added.

He demanded that an official investigation be carried out into the incident and that those responsible be brought to justice.