Imagine that you need to make an urgent transaction and you cannot connect to the Internet. Times when we wished banking could be as simple as ABC and 123. Well, in this case, Sterling Bank has made it as simple as 822.

Sterling Bank’s ‘822’ is an auxiliary phone that does not require Internet access or registration protocols for use. With Sterling Bank’s 822, your mobile phone is now a service channel for all your banking needs. All you have to do is dial the short code USSD * on your mobile device to experience the world of simple banking.

With code 822, you can perform banking functions like transfers to all banks in Nigeria, check account balance, buy airtime, pay bills, link BVN, generate token codes, cardless withdrawals and much more from your mobile phones. .

At Sterling Bank, our goal is to make banking simple and transparent for our customers, and that’s what this code does. We remain steadfast in our goal of offering banking products and services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our ever-growing customer base by leveraging technology to make banking faster, safer, and more accessible for all of our customers.”

How to buy airtime *822*Quantity#

Just dial *822*Amount# (for example: *822*1000#) on your phone,

Top up for friends and family

*822*Quantity*Phone number#.

* Airtime can be purchased anytime, anywhere.

* It is very easy to use.

How to transfer money with *822#

Transfer to a Sterling account number

*822*AMOUNT*Account Number# (eg: *822*1000*1234512345#)

Dial *822*AMOUNT*Account Number# (for example, *822*1000*1234512345#)

* It’s fast, convenient and secure.

* Saves you the stress of queuing at the bank.

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