Another East African brother told me that in most East African countries, the most successful and wealthy people are usually Indians or Arabs, making them think that they don’t even belong to their own country. So when they, the black Africans in East Africa, began to see how comfortable Nigerians are being the best, now they dare to challenge the Arabs and Indians in their countries.

How Nigeria is located in Africa

Nigeria is truly the giant of Africa. This is not just in terms of population, where one in five black Africans is Nigerian. Our country also controls much of the economic strength of the continent, with one sixth of the total wealth of the continent belonging to Nigeria. In West Africa, Nigeria controls two-thirds of the region’s economy, despite there being 15 countries there. What is even more impressive is that Nigeria is playing a very important role as the big brother of all the countries in Africa:

  1. The largest country in Africa by population
  2. larger…