The Big Tent, a strategic group within the Labor Party’s Obi Movement, has urged Nigerians to take back the country by turning out in droves to vote for Peter Obi during the presidential election.

The Director of Public Affairs and Strategic Communications for the Obi-Datti Independent Presidential Campaign Council (The Big Tent), Professor Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jnr, said that 2022 will in many ways go by as a horrible one, but because of the message of hope that the Obidients, that Peter Gregory Obi, that the Labor Party and the BIG TENT brought to the political amphitheater.

Nwaokobia pointed out that the horrible state of insecurity, the endless ASUU strike, the collapse of the infrastructure, the drastic state of unemployment, the reign of paralyzing corruption, the perfidy of state operators, the numerous fuel queues, the collapse A repeat of the National Grid plunging the nation into darkness, the flooding that devastated 31 of Nigeria’s 36 states and the sorry state of the economy had left the space in trouble and Nigerians melancholic, except for the candidacy of Peter Gregory Obi and Datti Baba-Ahmed who brought some fresh air into our socio-political kaleidoscope.

“Let us walk together and work together until victory is won. Let’s push the message of a New Nigeria until we take our country back through the power of the ballot in February 2023. Let’s keep preaching the message of a New Nigeria until we take our country back forever, even though our votes come in February 2023. .

main determination that through our Vows we can make 2023 Annus Mirabilis. May God bless Nigeria.”

He said that millions of Nigerians young and old, those at home and in the diaspora have gladly chosen to rename themselves OBIDIENTS, believing and trusting in OBI-DATTI’s presidential candidacy.

“The monumental failure of the APC and its choice of a presidential candidate whose cognitive ability is glaringly challenged, whose resume provokes falsification, whose enormous opulence speaks to unchecked corruption, who has drug charges hanging over his head, and whose general health is in poor condition. largely suspicious, it left people very worried and hopeless, until the Labor Party put forward a candidate of Hope, Decency, Decorum and Capability.

“The PDP, which should understand the urgency of now, chose gerontocracy over justice, over equity, over equity and over capacity and competence. They threw overboard the people’s call for new trends in leadership and left the people concerned, until Labor stepped into the fray with a Ticket of Hope, as did Obi-Datti’s candidacy.

“Compatriots and compatriots, without a doubt it was the Obidiente Street Marches of a million men that rekindled hope and redefined our politics. They reshaped the fabrics of our politics in such a way that the comic theatrics of those seeking public office eating corn in the streets, braiding their hair by the roadside, selling peanuts, and eating in public bukas gave way to problem-based interaction. .

“Obi is changing everything for the better while he is still a candidate. He is speaking to Nigerians at home and to those in the diaspora. He currently he is the biggest hope trader in Africa. He is a pan-Nigerian candidate and is passionately engaging the old and the young as we seek to take back the old order in the battle of our lives. Yes, we must TAKE BACK our country back forever.

“We can make 2023 Annus Mirabilis, which is the Latin phrase for a remarkable and auspicious year. We can do this by successfully birthing and raiding this peaceful, vote-based popular revolution. Friends, we can make Nigeria great again when we come out in February to elect Peter Obi and Datti Baba-Ahmed as President and Vice President.

“Do not be fooled by the merchants of hatred, deceit, poverty, hopelessness, insecurity, ethnicity and religious jingoism. Don’t sell your future for looted, blood-soaked money being thrown at you. Don’t sacrifice your destiny and the future of your children for a bowl of porridge. And don’t vote for those who have left our nation in the woods and worse than it ever was,” he said.