Carviva Technologies Limited, an indigenous technology solutions provider in Nigeria, is rolling out automotive solutions for the use of car owners, enabling them to source original spare parts directly from dealers and manufacturers around the world.

Branded Carviva Spare Parts Platform, it is designed to alleviate the challenges associated with vehicle spare parts replacement in the Nigerian informal market by providing easier, cheaper, more convenient and smarter ways for car owners to keep their vehicles safe. through digital space.

Giving the reasons for the innovative solution, Kola Aroyewun, COO of Carviva, said that the large influx of imitations and substandard parts in the automotive aftermarket has been a great challenge for many car owners in Nigeria.

Consequently, maintaining a vehicle becomes more difficult due to the high cost of replacement parts and the influx of substandard products, as most aftermarkets are flooded with substandard products, some of which are an absolute imitation of the original manufacturers.

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“Today, vehicle owners face a myriad of challenges when trying to replace faulty parts on their vehicles, as new and genuine parts are often expensive, while currency restrictions are driving up the prices of replacement parts. replacement; Also due to the unstructured nature of the traditional spare parts market in Nigeria, car owners are sometimes told that purchased goods cannot be returned, while some dealers offer a limited warranty period of 3-7 days,” he said.

He said the products come with a six-month warranty offer as the replacement parts are original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, adding that the products are also delivered in Lagos and every other part of the country.

He said the digital solution makes it possible for car owners to access new spare parts directly from authorized dealers instead of relying on well-used spare parts; In addition, products are priced at prevailing market prices as buyers get near real-time quotes for needed products at competitive prices.

In addition to granting access to genuine parts dealers, Carviva also offers financing through its partners to help car owners who prefer to pay in installments and the “buy now, pay later” program.

“Our finance partner checks the car owners credit score and depending on the qualification, the buyer is asked to pay an initial 25 to 30 percent of the total amount, while the balance is spread over three months with interest of the Zero percent,” he said.