Lateef Fagbemi, Chief Advocate for Nigeria (SAN), says the amendment to the Electoral Act has improved Nigeria’s electoral processes and ranked it among the best in the world.

Fagbemi stated this in a keynote address titled “Nigeria: Inside the Compass of the 2023 General Election,” at a public lecture honoring the Muslim brothers who were recently elevated and sworn in as SANs, in Abuja on Tuesday.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the conference was organized by the FCT Chapter of the Muslim Lawyers Association of Nigeria (MULAN) at the Abuja National Mosque Auditorium.

He said that if all the provisions of the 2022 election law were implemented, Nigerians would enjoy exercising their right to vote before and after the 2023 general election, and the country would be better for it.

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“Technological advancement, especially the Bimodal Voter Accreditation System (BVAS) machines, can be said to have brought Nigeria one step closer to a perfect election and, indeed, a better voter election. leaders if people exercise their right to vote without bias or overriding considerations.

“BVAS is now like a gateway that questions a potential electorate to determine if they are eligible to vote, since voter accreditation is based solely on the same, unlike in the past, where there is a fingerprint of each voter and it can actually be explained if the need arises.

”BVAS also closes the door on the era of unexplained overvoting and other problems related to inconsistencies in the number of voters. In addition, with the electronic transmission of votes, challenges such as the theft of ballot boxes and the interception of ballots have been solved, ”he said.

The SAN also said that the law would guarantee more sanity and transparency in the electoral process leading up to the 2023 General Elections.
”The compass of the 2023 elections ahead of the electoral act, 2022 promises a good destiny for Nigeria, or at least, a good start.

“However, Nigeria has never been short of good or proper laws. Enforcement and interpretation by the court are also issues to which due attention should be paid. Since the laws are not interpreted or enforced on their own,” he said.

Speaking on behalf of the newly installed SANs, former Bauchi State Governor Mohamed Abubakar said the title of the conference was very appropriate considering that the elections were just around the corner.

“I must thank the leadership of the Muslim Lawyers Association of Nigeria, FCT Chapter, for seeing fit first and foremost to honor us with this very educational public lecture.

”Legal practice is a profession that I chose for myself many years ago. In fact, it was a childhood ambition. I have been in virtually every sector of the legal profession and rose through the ranks at the Bauchi State Ministry of Justice to become Director of Public Prosecutions and ultimately Bauchi State General Justice Antony,” he said. .

News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the event was attended by legal professionals from inside and outside the nation’s capital.