One group, Youth Association for African Development, praised the Nigerian Copyright Commission, saying that its newly appointed Director General, John Asein, and his team have provided a safe environment for the production of creative works and copyright protection.

The group’s secretary, Kewul Suleh, made it known on Friday when presenting the Thomas Sankara Leadership Award to Asien in Abuja.

Suleh noted that the organization honored Asien with the pan-African icon of public service renaissance, following his positive contributions to publishing and copyright protection: the development of intellectual property in the country.

He described Asein as a public official with zero tolerance for corruption, nepotism or favoritism.

Suleh said: “Her exemplary lifestyle promotes African moral values ​​and is worthy of emulation by young people; his integrity and high administrative prudence also informed the delivery of this honor ”.

According to him, the Thomas Sankara Leadership Award for Integrity and Transparency is strictly reserved to recognize and appreciate great African leaders of courage and integrity.

While expressing his delight at the honour, the Director General of the NCC dedicated the award to the Chairman, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retired), for finding him worthy of service.

In addition, he called for a collaboration between the NCC and the youth organization to empower youth in the creative sector, and also the campaign against copyright piracy, intellectual property theft and rewarding creatives.

Asien said: “Some people engage in those harmful activities because their energy is channeled into those areas. If you can help more young people channel their energy into their creative abilities and earn a living, one might give some of them reasons to quit drugs.

“This is because someone who likes poetry or theater knows they need to finish a play or production and they won’t use that time to do drugs because it will derail their thinking.”