The All Progressive Congress (APC) gubernatorial candidate in Abia state, High Chief Ikechi Emenike, has said that indiscipline among leaders has infected governance and the civil service.

Emenike declared this during his annual family thanksgiving service held at St John Nigeria Methodist Church, Umukabia Okpuala in Umuahia North State Local Government.

Regretting that indiscipline has permeated the entire structure of government, the attitude towards work and the performance of official duties, he vowed to address it if he becomes governor.

“Without discipline we cannot restore the state. I will lead by example and ensure that government officials carry out their duties in accordance with established rules and regulations.

“No one will be late for work because I will not be late. No one will delay payment of salary because I will not delay it. And no one will refuse to pay a pension because I will not tolerate it, ”he said.

Emenike, his wife Dr. Uzoma Emenike who is the Nigerian Ambassador to the US and their children joined the service of the APC State family including Lieutenant Governor Candidate Rev. Mrs. Gloria Akara , and the state president, Dr. Kingsley Ononogbu. .

Emenike said that when the state is finally bailed out with APC at Government House, the state will experience a new lease on life with positive development because God’s children are in charge.

In his sermon, Very Rev, Obinna Agbo encouraged people to cultivate the habit of participating in thanksgiving under all circumstances.

He said that God is the ultimate helper, therefore people should seek His help before embarking on endeavors because no matter how high the place or how many resources one has, he cannot be self-sufficient.

“There is no other source of help except God, whether it is in the past, whether it is in the present and whether it is in the future,” he said.

At the reception, APC leaders, candidates and chiefs who addressed the grand gathering of party supporters from all 17 local government areas called for concerted efforts to achieve victory in 2023.

The lieutenant gubernatorial candidate urged party leaders to return to their various districts and strengthen the party structure to put them in a good position to harness the votes at the grassroots.

House Chief Whip Hon Nkeiruka Onyejeocha reminded party members that rescuing the state is not about Emenike or any other party leader or political office holder, but about the good of the state.

Minister of State for Science, Technology and Innovation Hon Henry Ikoh called on all party members to support the party’s gubernatorial candidate to win the gubernatorial race next year.

“Chief Emenike has positioned himself and his deputy to free Abia and we must support them and all APC candidates to be victorious in the 2023 general election,” he said.