It revealed that while the PDP held sway for 16 years, they issued Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) licenses to themselves, as well as their supporters and supporters.

“Now they are using it to create artificial scarcity with long lines at gas stations and now they blame the Federal Government.

“We are telling the PDP that enough is enough,” tinubu saying.

He assured students that if he were elected, he would set up a student loan plan to provide them with a solid education.

“God help you. Vote for APC and your headache will be gone.” he said.

He further promised that he would give hope to the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), stressing that APC was not like the PDP.

He also urged the people to support all the APC candidates, stressing that with them hope was close and assured.

“The bearer of the message of hope in Benue is the party’s gubernatorial candidate, Rev. Fr. Jacinto Alia.

“He brought hope and prayer. So, don’t entertain any fear because Alia is going to be in the chair. If you vote for us you vote for your progress,” he said.

The Minister for Special Duties and Intergovernmental Affairs, Senator George Akumehe encouraged the people of Benue to massively vote for Tinubu because he was not a religious fanatic.

“While in the Senate, he supported Senator Iyorchia Ayu to be president of the senate against his Muslim brother.

“He also supported me to be Senate Minority Leader even though Ayu and I are Christians.Akoume said.

He further said that Tinubu had the ability to rally the country, stressing that he was not willing to experiment as he had held leadership positions for a long time.

He reiterated that the experience is not in the dictionary of the party’s presidential candidates, adding that the people should not waste their Permanent Electoral Credentials (PVC) on any other political party.

He also encouraged people to vote for all APC National Assembly candidates because Tinubu needed them.

“You must also vote for our gubernatorial candidate and all state assembly candidates.

“If you vote for APC you will not regret it. You will keep laughing and laughing.” said the minister.

Alia urged people to vote for Tinubu and his running mate Senator Kassim Shettima, stating they were great people.

He claimed that they had the ability to transform the country and the state.

“We are in a deplorable state. They will lift us up if we vote for them.” Alia said.

The Director General (DG), APC Presidential Campaign Council, Governor Simon Lalong de Plateau, said voting for APC meant voting to end non-payment of wages.

“Workers will smile as Plateau public servants smile each month.

“We will take back our stolen mandate in Benue and there will be no more murder in the state,La Long said.