Nollywood actor Jamiu Azeez was recently trending online after a photo of him in an outfit that appeared to be made of naira notes went viral. In this interview with OPEYEMI ADEFEMIthe actor reacts to some of the questions raised by his action

It’s a new year. What was your experience last year? Would you describe it as very successful, particularly in regards to your acting career?

Well let me start with alihamdulilahi robil alameen! As for my career, 2022 was eventful; I’ve appeared in so many good projects that I can’t wait for people to see them. But outside of the race, I mean life in general in 2022 was a bit difficult for a lot of people. The economic crisis affected us a lot and I was no exception. 2022 was very challenging and a bit frustrating, but we survived and that is an achievement in itself.

What are your expectations for 2023?

As for my expectations, I leave everything in the hands of those who know the beginning and the end. I am going to try very hard in life and career and can only hope that God will crown my efforts and bless my ‘hustle’; but regardless, it is positive throughout the year and beyond.

There’s a viral photo of you dressed in what looked like an outfit made out of naira notes. What was the occasion and what was the motivation behind the style?

The image was just a piece of content and it wasn’t even my concept; my face was placed on it with Photoshop. It was a fan sent it to me with my face and I love it and I just decided to post it to appreciate the fan art and also tagged the original owner under the picture.

What kind of reactions or comments have you received from the people in the photograph?

Different reactions, actually. Some people understand that it was just a ‘cruise’ and say ‘what is this?’

How do you react to people who think that what you did was an abuse of the Nigerian currency?

Well, I don’t think I have a problem with that; it was just a content and it doesn’t even belong to me.

Some people hinted that law enforcement officers might be after you. Does that worry you?

No, I don’t care. I took the time to check the original content owner’s page and their motive was not to abuse the currency, but simply to make it a concept. The coin was not ripped or mishandled in any way, so I don’t think law enforcement agencies would have a problem with that.

What did you do with the money after the shoot?

Like I said before, it wasn’t my content and it wasn’t there at the time of the shoot, so I have no idea what was done with the money afterwards.