He called on political actors to avoid the politics of bitterness and embrace sportsmanship.

“Parents, guardians and leaders who exercise various levels of authority are once again ordered to persuade or warn their children, wards and followers against being used as robots or detractors in the electoral process.

“The reason for the warning is that there will be dire consequences and corresponding penalties as prescribed by the laws of the land.” he warned.

Balarabe called on political parties, their candidates, groups and individuals to respect the rule of law and work for the maintenance of law and order in the state.

While noting that the command would create a level playing field for all political parties, the commissioner said that the Police would also increase visibility across the state for the purposes of the survey.

“Consequently, there will be an increase in the state of policing, better interagency partnership and intelligence sharing, confidence-building patrols, and intensified surveillance activities on strategic highways at hotspots and stops and searches where police emerge.” need”. he said.

The police commissioner said that 2022 presented sets of security challenges that threatened the security order and the national cohesion of the state.

He listed some of the challenges to include, flashing violent campaigns by “unpatriotic political fanatics” and defacing campaign posters/billboards.

Others that he said are: attacks and counterattacks on political opponents, propaganda on social networks in some sectors, kidnapping, armed robbery and other various crimes.