Former President Goodluck Jonathan has expressed concern about the politics of bitterness and negative energy exhibited by the political class in the build-up to the 2023 general election across the country as detrimental to Nigeria’s development.

Jonathan, who made the remarks Monday at the inauguration of the 1.15km Afi-Uko Nteghe Uda bridge on Etebi-Enwang Road in the Mbo local government area of ​​Akwa Ibom state, said he was genuinely concerned about the way when politicians were moving away from talking about the problems. and they are rather concentrating efforts on attacking the opponents.

“I am a little worried about the negative energy generated ahead of the 2023 elections. We have noticed a level of bitterness in our politics that does not generate development, and I urge politicians to realize that politics is about commercializing your ideas. Politics is not about fighting, insulting or abusing”, the former president

“We’ve been reading in the papers and on social media about how thugs tear down billboards for presidential candidates and gubernatorial candidates, but sometimes they say some governments even support that kind of thing.

“I think that anyone who commits a crime should not be covered by the policy. Arson is arson and is never tied to the state, so someone who commits a crime, like burning down houses or killing people, should keep a record, and whatever the investigation reveals, those people should be prosecuted; that’s the only way people would stop doing this,” he said.