Is Indiana Jones better at burying his feelings than digging up priceless artifacts? How might Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver’s characters in “Marriage Story” have better navigated divorce and co-parenting? Hey, wait a minute: Does the hero of “The Lego Batman Movie” contain all the building blocks of a narcissist?

Such questions are the bread and butter — or perhaps the popcorn and butter-flavored topping — of the YouTube series “Cinema Therapy.” Founded in 2020 by its hosts, Jonathan Decker, a marriage and family therapist, and Alan Seawright, a filmmaker, the channel has built a following in part by holding faux therapy sessions for heroes, villains and onscreen couples, treating movie plots and characters as case studies for mental health topics. Some typical titles: “Psychology of a Hero: ‘Hulk’ and Anger Management,” “Villain Therapy: Jobu Tupaki From ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’” and “Movie Couple Therapy: ‘Shrek.’”