The governor described the innuendo as ‘unfounded‘, urging people to vote for tinubu and all APC candidates in the next general election.

“The Igbo prospered under Tinubu as Governor of Lagos and are still prospering. We are not sentimental and we will follow the man who knows the way.

“Tinubu will take care of Ebonyi in the same way President Muhammadu Buhari is currently doing” he said.

He urged the people of Izzi to massively support his son and APC gubernatorial candidate, Chief Francisco Nwifuruwho is currently the Speaker of the House of Assembly.

“It is up to the Izzi clan to be governor on the land they gave us and nothing will take it away.

“Nwifuru has been under my tutelage for the past 16 years and is eminently qualified to carry on the divinely mandated philosophy.” he said.

The governor urged people not to support any candidate from the southern district (where he is from) to avoid distorting the state’s existing fairness charter.

“When it was the turn of the south to produce the governor, the Izzi people and the entire Ekumenyi bloc supported me massively.

“Now it is your turn and the southern district, and others should support you,” he said.

He further said that the party’s campaign structure had been decentralized to ensure greater mobilization at the neighborhood level.

Speaking on the occasion, the APC gubernatorial candidate thanked the people for the massive turnout and support, and vowed not to let them down if he becomes governor.

I will carry out my government according to the principle of the charter of people’s needs, based on open governance and performance management.

“I will make decisions through the contributions of the citizens and I will focus on the results and products”, he said.

Nwifuru thanked Umahi for his mentorship over the years and vowed to uphold his legacy across all sectors if elected.

News Agency Nigeria (NAN) reports that Umahi’s wife, Rachel, who is the chairwoman of the women’s wing of the APC campaign council, led other stakeholders to express their support for Nwifuru and the party’s candidates for various posts.