The APC presidential torchbearer made the remarks during the campaign in Akure, the capital of Ondo State, on Saturday, December 7, 2023.

tinubu he was joined on the campaign trail by many party bigwigs, including the governors of Ondo, Lagos, Ogun and Kano states; Rotimi Akeredolu, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, Dapo Abiodun, Y Abdullahi Ganduje respectively.

Tinubu says that Atiku is lazy: The former Lagos state governor said the former vice president avoids doing the hard and courageous work required to build a better Nigeria and would prefer to sell all of the country’s assets without worrying about the ensuing hardship for the citizenry.

He doesn’t want to do the hard and courageous work that is required to build a better nation. Instead, he would rather sell his birthright to the highest bidder and walk away with the proceeds.

“He cares little that his policies and actions impoverish you and leave you with nothing,said of Atiku.

Obi is Mr. Stingy: As for Obi, Tinubu described the austere approach of the former Anambra State Governor’s government as perverse, labeling him “Mr. stingy”.

Recall that the Labor Party presidential candidate repeatedly boasted that one of his achievements as governor was putting money in the Anambra State coffers, but Tinubu said it’s just a “Heartless Governor” that withholds money when people go hungry and the infrastructure is in disrepair.

Tinubu’s words:All he could do was boast that he saved money. But I tell you that it is an evil father who has money in his hand and allows his children to starve.

“Similarly, he is a heartless governor who withholds money when people go hungry and schools, roads and clinics fall into disrepair. Neither the city dweller nor the farmer prospered under him.

“In the end, he refused to save people because he preferred to save the money. And he claims to be the labor party. You will have to be working under a terrible illusion if you think the nation will do better than he did to Anambra State. Buyer beware of sellers selling fake products.

“The truth of the difference between my leadership and Mr. Obi’s lies in one observation. Although Lagos is crowded and Anambra has ample space, more people left Obi’s Anambra in search of a better life in Tinubu’s Lagos than left Lagos believing that Obi had established a plan for growth in Anambra.

“My people, you cannot trust your future or our nation’s future to Mr. Sell Everything Atiku or Mr. Stingy Obi. But you can trust Mr. Progressive Good Governance Tinubu! ”