…newly opened cargo airport will boost agriculture in Yobe – Tinubu

President Muhammadu Buhari has called on Nigerians and the people of Yobe State to vote for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the next president.

Buhari spoke at the Damaturu Township Stadium during the All Progressives Congress presidential campaign rally where he told people why they should vote for the former Lagos State Governor because he is the person capable of continuing the work reconstruction effort in Nigeria that began more than seven years ago. .

“I stand with Asiwaju here to tell you to vote for him so that he can carry on my legacy of rebuilding Nigeria,” the president said.

Addressing party faithful who flocked to attend the APC presidential rally in the state, Tinubu in his prepared speech said he will use the newly opened Yobe Cargo airport to boost agriculture in the state and praised President Buhari. for the airport project. and other laudable projects around the country that he described as wise investments.

“The cargo airport that Mr. President commissioned yesterday will be much needed as our agenda for increased agricultural and industrial export production begins to take off.

“It is a wise investment made with courage and foresight. It will be needed to transport Yobe’s excellent sesame, hibiscus and gum arabic to the rest of the world,” she said.

Tinubu praised the president and the security agencies for their success in the battle against insecurity.

He said it was an indication of the marked improvement in the security situation in the northeast that Asíwájú Tinubu was able to spend Monday night in Yobe.

After attending the party’s campaign rally in Yola, Adamawa state on Monday, the president headed for Damaturu, where he spent the night.

At the rally were APC National Chairman Sen. Abdullahi Adamu, Senate President Sen. Ahmed Lawan, Vice Presidential Candidate Kashim Shettima, Progressive Governors Forum Chairman and Kebbi State Governor Atiku Bagudu, Director Tinubu/Shettima General, Campaign Director General and Governor of Plateau, Hon. Simon Lalong and many party leaders.

Speaking more about agriculture, he said: “Taking advantage of our agricultural endowment is more than an economic wish. It is a matter of national security. We need to further ensure our food security to better ensure social stability and lay the foundation for even greater economic progress.

“We will establish agricultural centers and irrigation and water catchment systems to help farmers across the country. Yields and harvests will increase. Most importantly, we will encourage value-added agro-processing businesses that will encourage more economic activity by creating good-paying jobs and bringing better products to local markets and to your family’s dinner table.

“We will invest in the small individual farmer. He will earn a good and guaranteed income through the establishment of commodity exchange boards that will guarantee an acceptable price for his hard-earned crops.”

On the investment and tourism opportunities available in the state, Tinubu pledged to work with the state government to invest in exploring the precious mineral resources found in Yobe State.

“Your limestone, trona and plaster will create jobs and earn money for the state. Yobe’s tourism potential of the beautiful landscapes, sand dunes, oases and bird sanctuaries will be highlighted,” he added.

He also promised to create jobs for the people of the state, while improving their access to quality education.

“Yobe’s youth will be better integrated into the national and global economy in ways that help and benefit them. We will empower you with the right education that will make you competitive in the global economy.

“The best of technology will be at your disposal. Whether it’s the best knowledge in modern agriculture, the digital economy, or manufacturing and industry, that education will be closer and more accessible to you.

“We will work with leaders in the private sector to ensure that your education reflects the skills you will need to thrive in the economy of the future.

“We will address and reduce unemployment. My dream is that you are prosperous and never idle. You will have good jobs or you will become prosperous entrepreneurs giving work to others.

“You are a proud people and you will become a source of pride for the nation and for Africa. We are planning big and good things for you,” she said.

The former governor of Lagos state praised the people of the state for standing firm with the progressive family since the return to democracy in 1999, giving the opposition no chance. He sought his support to continue this trend.

He said: “Yobe has always been a progressive state. You have never allowed locusts to land here and feast on what does not belong to them. Instead, he has been loyal to the progressive cause of building a state and a nation, both with the sole mission of serving their people.

You have supported this noble cause and the APC, our nation’s best and only true hope for good government. Now, we are here to ask you to remain true to this proud tradition. Please continue to support us progressives.”

While mentioning his security plans, Tinubu again praised President Buhari for ensuring that the people of the state can now move freely without fear, vowing to build on this.

APC Chairman Adamu, Senate Chairman Lawan, Vice Presidential Candidate Shettima and Campaign General Manager Lalong addressed the rally in the Hausa language, urging the people of Yobe to vote for Tinubu and continue to place their trust in APC .