With the entry of new players, the competition in the Internet service provisioning market is getting tougher. Just as competition paved the way for per-second billing in the mobile segment, unlimited Internet service, previously impossible, is now becoming the norm and the basis of competition for service providers. Service Provider (ISP) in Nigeria.

While the majority of Internet subscriptions in Nigeria are on mobile networks, ISPs, by virtue of their business model, rely primarily on business subscriptions, and their services are designed to meet corporate Internet needs.

However, it should be noted that while some of the ISPs claim to offer unlimited data plans, not all of them are truly unlimited as some ISPs attach Fair Usage Policy (FUP) to their plans. The FUP means that there is a certain threshold of your usage within the unlimited period where the speed you get gets lower, but you will still have internet access. For example, if your one month unlimited subscription has a FUP of 40 GB, it means that you will enjoy the best speed until you use up 40 GB, after which the speed you get is reduced.

Of the five identified by Nairametrics in July 2022, more ISPs have upgraded their packages to offer their customers unlimited data plans.

Below are the top 7 ISPs offering unlimited data plans as of January. The best of them are the ones without FUP.


NTEL has one of the best and most affordable unlimited data plans in Nigeria today and there are plenty of options to choose from. Although most of its plans have FUP, it has one of the cheapest unlimited plans in the country. However, Ntel has a shortcoming in terms of limited network coverage. For now, NTEL is only available in some areas of Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt. So before you sign up for their service, you must first confirm if they have coverage in your area.

The company offers various unlimited data plans including:

unlimited daily

  • Perfect for people who need unlimited data for specific tasks for a short period of time.
  • Subscribe for only N1,500
  • Valid for 2 days
  • A 10 GB Fair Use Policy (FUP) applies to this plan.

unlimited weekly

Ideal for people who want to enjoy unlimited Internet access without a long-term commitment.

  • Subscribe for only N5,200 per week
  • Valid for 7 days
  • A 40 GB Fair Use Policy (FUP) applies to this plan

Unlimited Family

  • Perfect for multiple users at home or on the go.
  • Subscribe for only N18,500 per month
  • Valid for 30 days
  • A 150 GB Fair Use Policy (FUP) applies to this plan

Exclusive Unlimited

  • This is ideal for people who do endless downloads.
  • This plan has no accelerator, limit or FUP!
  • Subscribe for only N25,000 per month
  • Valid for 30 days

unlimited 90

  • This is a 3 month long term plan.
  • Subscribe for only N51,000 every 3 months
  • Enjoy High Speed ​​Internet Access
  • Valid for 90 days
  • A 450 GB Fair Use Policy (FUP) applies to this plan

9. Smile Communications

Smile Communications also offers one of the best unlimited data packages with excellent speed in areas where you have network coverage. The ISP currently has network coverage in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Abuja, Benin City, Kaduna, Onitsha and Asaba. Smile has different unlimited plans, including:

unlimited lite

  • Gives you Unlimited Internet access at 8Mbps
  • It costs 12,000 Naira per month.
  • FUP is 60GB
  • Speed ​​drops to 512 Kbps after 60 GB

Unlimited Essential

  • The default speed for Unlimited essential is up to 8Mbps
  • It costs 18,000 Naira per month.
  • FUP is 150GB
  • speed drops to 512 kbps after 150 GB

freedom 3mbps

  • Gives you unlimited Internet access with data speeds up to 3Mbps
  • It has a validity period of 30 days.
  • It costs 25,000 naira.
  • FUP is 200GB
  • Speed ​​drops to 512 kbps after 200 GB

8. spectronet

Spectranet currently has the largest number of subscribers among ISPs in Nigeria. This is not surprising because the company is one of the oldest Internet service providers in the country and has done well in delivering the best speed. It is also among the few ISPs that offer unlimited service in Nigeria. The ISP currently covers Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan and Port-Harcourt. Spectranet unlimited plans include:

Unlimited Gold Plan

  • Gives unlimited access for 1 month
  • It costs N18,999 per month
  • FUP is 125GB
  • Speed ​​drops to 512 kbps after 125 GB

Unlimited Diamond Plan

  • This costs N20,000 per month
  • Speed ​​@ 4Mbps
  • FUP is 200GB
  • Speed ​​drops to 512 kbps after 200 GB

7. Cool Link

Cool Link provides affordable, high-speed Internet service via satellite. This means that their service is available anywhere in Nigeria. Cool Link’s broadband service is broadcast from its satellite in space, giving you speeds higher than most terrestrial services (radio, 4G and fiber).

The company also offers different unlimited plan packages including:

unlimited 20

  • Unlimited data for 30 days
  • 20 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload speeds
  • It costs N7,900 per month
  • FUP is 10GB
  • Beyond 10GB, the download speed is reduced to 4Mbps
  • Beyond 15GB, the download speed is reduced to 1Mbps
  • Free night navigation (22:00 to 06:00) at full speed

unlimited 25

  • 25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload speeds
  • It costs N10,900
  • FUP is 20 GB at up to 25 Mbps
  • Beyond 20GB, the download speed is reduced to 5Mbps
  • Beyond 30GB, the download speed is reduced to 1Mbps
  • Free night access (22:00 to 06:00)

unlimited 30

  • 30 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload speeds
  • It costs N16,900 per month
  • FUP is 30GB at up to 30Mbps
  • Beyond 30 GB, the download speed is reduced to 6 Mbps
  • Beyond 45GB, the download speed is reduced to 1Mbps
  • Free night access (22:00 to 06:00)

6. Fast networks

Swift Networks is one of the leading ISPs in Nigeria. The company offers state-of-the-art broadband services for the profitable and reliable deployment of a multiservice network, offering convergent voice telephony, videoconferencing, video surveillance, high-speed data transmission, and high-speed Internet access services. Fast and reliable telecommunication pipeline. While the company offers multiple capped data plans, it also has unlimited data plans at an additional cost. Their unlimited packages include:

unlimited weekly

  • It costs N6,500
  • lasts 7 days
  • unlimited speed
  • without FUP

unlimited supreme

  • It costs N25,000 per month
  • lasts 30 days
  • unlimited speed
  • without FUP

5. Limited cyberspace network

Established in 1995 as an ICT company, Cyberspace implemented its 4G LTE network infrastructure in 2014 with the promise of bringing 10 times more speed, mobility and security to its customers. The company today offers a number of data plans to meet the needs of its customers. While most of their plans have a cap, they have 2 unlimited plans that are geared toward their business customers. These include:

Unlimited Cyber ​​Classic

  • Subscription cost: N24,187
  • Speed: 1Mbps
  • unlimited data

Unlimited Cyber ​​Premium

  • Subscription cost: N48,375 per month
  • Speed: 2Mbps
  • unlimited data


iPNX is the pioneer and leading Fiber to the Home (FTTH) operator in Nigeria. Today, the company offers a number of solutions to various industries and market segments using industry-leading technology such as its Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) cable technology, core access network infrastructure, and wireless radio services. fixed. While the company also has capped data plans, its unlimited plans come at a premium price with excellent speed. Their unlimited data plans are:

FOS extreme 200

  • Subscription cost: N98,900 per month
  • Speed: 200Mbps
  • Unlimited data for 30 days

FOS Xtreme 400

  • Subscription cost: N155,875 per month
  • Speed: 400Mbps
  • Unlimited data for 30 days

extreme FOS 1000

  • Subscription cost: N268,750
  • Speed: 1000Mbps
  • Unlimited data for 30 days
  • Modem and installation cost for iPNX is N68,625

3. Hoop Telecommunications

Hoop Telecoms Limited was established in 2017 as a complete provider of telecommunication services. The company is today one of the few ISPs to offer unlimited high-speed data plans in Nigeria. Hoop Telecoms currently has offices in 5 states of the country and network/service coverage in 36 states of Nigeria and the FCT. Its national network is based on both its own built infrastructure and the infrastructures of its partners, taking advantage of multiple infrastructure sharing agreements. The company said that it aims to be in all the nooks and crannies of Nigeria. Their unlimited data plans include:

luxury home

  • Subscription cost N12,375 per month
  • Speed: Up to 10Mbps
  • unlimited data
  • Validity period: 30 days

Home Deluxe Plus

  • Subscription cost: N19,350 per month
  • Speed: Up to 15Mbps
  • unlimited data
  • Validity period: 30 days

Home Ultimate

  • Subscription cost: N26,875 per month
  • Speed: Up to 20Mbps
  • unlimited data
  • Validity period: 30 days


Tizeti (wifi.com.ng) implements unlimited internet for residential and business customers, allowing them to get all the benefits of the internet with no data or time limits. Its coverage areas include Lagos, Ogun and Port Harcourt, and the company said it is expanding its network to cover all of Nigeria.

Tizeti is one of the ISPs that offers different unlimited plans with no data limit, no usage threshold, and no limit on the number of devices that can be connected. His plans include:

Residential Unlimited

  • Subscription cost: N12,500 per month
  • Validity period: 30 days
  • unlimited data
  • Attracts N5, 7000 one-time setup fee

turbo connection

  • Subscription cost: N60,000 per month
  • Validity period: 30 days
  • unlimited data
  • Speed: Up to 150Mbps
  • One time setup fee of N135,000

1. Fiber One

FiberOne is the largest Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Internet service provider that is revolutionizing last-mile Internet in Nigeria by providing high-quality, truly unlimited Internet to offices and homes at a low price. The ISP distinguished itself by not placing limits on your unlimited use of the plan through FUP. This means that subscribers enjoy the same quality speed throughout the subscription period. Unfortunately, FibreOne service is currently available in only 3 major cities in the country, Lagos, Abuja and Ilorin. His plans include:

Smart House

  • Subscription Cost: N11,994 per month
  • Speed: Up to 16Mbps
  • without FUP

smart home lite

  • Subscription cost: N21,454 per month
  • Speed: Up to 43Mbps
  • without FUP

smart home plus

  • Subscription cost: N31,754 per month
  • Speed: Up to 65Mbps
  • without FUP

Premium Smart Home

  • Subscription cost: N47,995 per month
  • Speed: Up to 88Mbps
  • without FUP

SmartHome Platinum

  • Subscription cost: N66,750 per month
  • Speed: Up to 152Mbps
  • without FUP