The Nigeria Police Trust Fund has enhanced the Nigeria Police Radio with over N190 million.

The Radio was part of the projects carried out under the 2021 intervention program of the Trust Fund.

Other projects undertaken by the Trust Fund include the renovation of fourteen blocks of flats in the base rooms at the Brick City Police Headquarters, the upgrade of the Nigerian Police Radio Station and the state-of-the-art Police Force Warehouse. from Nigeria in Dei-Dei.

The Executive Secretary of the Trust Fund, Abdullahi Sokoto, said that there were more than 100 ongoing programs and completed projects since he took office.

Sokoto added that he had instructed the contractor working on the tower blocks for Rank-and-File Quarters in Kubwa to review the project.

He said: “I congratulate the contractors who handled the upgrade of the Nigeria Police Radio and the NPF Warehouse for a job well done, especially the prompt delivery of the projects. The warehouse rehabilitation project was carried out with a little more than N270 million, while the radio upgrade swallowed more than N190 million. I have directed the contractor to contact the Fire Department office to ensure all fire safety equipment is in place and up to all safety standards.

“After taking a look at the work being done on the tower blocks for Rank-and-File Quarters in Kubwa, I was not satisfied with the level of work. I have asked the contractor to review the project and meet the agreed standards.”

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