Two minors were roasted to death in a mysterious fire accident that occurred on Udo Imuk Street in Eket Local Government Area on Friday, December 30, 2022.

It was learned that the children under six and three years of age were burned beyond recognition in hell that occurred around 7:00 p.m. on that fateful day.

Our correspondent reports that the children were locked inside their one-bedroom apartment by their parents, who went out to find something hoping to return home soon.

Neighbors said they had no idea the children were inside the room when they noticed fire had ripped through the room.

The cause of the inferno has yet to be determined at the time of publication, as journalists who visited the site on Saturday morning deduced that there was no light source, such as electrical connections, candles or gas cylinders.

Recounting the incident, Prince Ekpo, the affected tenant who occupies a single room and lives with his wife and two children, said, “I left the phone in the room to illuminate the children’s room hoping to return soon after the injection. , my wife went out earlier to buy something”.

“I came back and saw crowded people and found out that my two children had been burned to death and we don’t know the source of the fire.”

Also the owner, Bright Godwin Peter, while speaking to reporters, said he does not yet know the source of the outbreak.

“We didn’t realize when the fire started, we just heard an explosive sound and while we were going to check, the fire had destroyed the room and spread to our rooms and parkour, we tried to get our property out but serious damage had been done. Already.”

We called people to come and help us put out the fire and I told my brother that there were children inside the room and before we went to rescue them, the children were roasted to death and our property damaged.

The fire incident affected adjoining rooms, destroyed property and opened the roof.