Adesanya, known for his love of body art, has decided to add another ink to his already artistic physique.

He once even shared his various tattoos with GQ Sports, and if they ever decide to follow up with the former UFC middleweight champion, he’ll have some new ink to show off as well.

Over the weekend, the maestro of style added a few new pieces to his body, including a couple of face tattoos and a wild neck tattoo.

On her official Twitter page, Adesnaya showed off her new face tattoo, which from the image is the word “Dragon” in Arabic.

He also made the post with a caption that read, “The old version of you must die before you come alive!”

The post included a video of the tattoo, with audio of a famous Malcolm X quote: “I don’t worry.” I tell you, I am a man who believes that I died 20 years ago and I live like a man who is already dead. I’m not afraid of anyone or anything.”

At the end of the 12-second video, Adesanya shows an image of the character Gaara from the popular anime series Naruto, who appears to have inspired the placement of the “Dragon” tattoo above his left eyebrow.

The Last Stylebender has also made no secret of his love as a huge anime fan.

The “Dragon” tattoo isn’t the only recent addition to Adesanya’s collection though, as “The Last Stylebender” also added another face tattoo, which appears to be a pair of feathers just outside his right eye. , and a large piece on the neck, which shows the Egyptian god of war, Montú.

After his new tattoos, Adesanya’s message seems obvious going into 2023: that the long-reigning former UFC middleweight champion is looking to win back the title from his nemesis, Alex Pereira.

In 2022, Pereira defeated The Stylebender via fifth-round TKO at UFC 281, forcing the former to surrender his coveted middleweight belt.

Although a rematch has yet to be made official, the duo are expected to return to the Octagon for another dance later this year.