“Operation Choose your PVC” is a campaign launched by the Independent National Election Commission (INEC) in Nigeria to encourage eligible voters to collect their Permanent Voter Cards (PVC) before the election.

“Know your Voting Unit” (KYP) also launched by the Independent National Electoral Commission is to help voters locate their voting units and understand the voting process. The campaign aims to increase voter turnout and turnout by ensuring as many eligible voters as possible have their PVCs before Election Day and turnout by providing clear and accurate voting unit information to voters eligible.

The campaign typically involves INEC setting up PVC collection centers in various locations around the country and also working with other organizations and stakeholders to raise awareness of the importance of collecting PVC and participating in the electoral process. This also involves the commission working with other government agencies and local government to reach out to eligible voters and provide them with the necessary information.
information and support to collect your PVCs.

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Oluwarotimi Fasuyi– The chief executive of VAS Digimobility Limited in an interview advises all eligible citizens to visit the nearest voter registration center to collect their PVCs to ensure their participation in the democratic process. With the help of today’s mobile technology, knowing the location of your PVC and the collection point is now as easy as ABC.

To find out where to pick up your PVC, send the first 6 digits of your PVC Temporary Delimitation to
8014. For example, Send 123456 to 8014. To find your polling station, send the 9-digit code of your PVC to 8014. For example, send 12-34-56-789 to 8014.

For more information on voter registration and PVC collection, visit the Independent National Registry
Electoral Commission (INEC) website at www.inec.gov.ng