Omega Fire Ministries founder and chairman Apostle Johnson Suleman declared Sunday that he and his family will vote for the Labor Party’s (LP) presidential candidate in Saturday’s presidential election.

He made the revelation while delivering a sermon Sunday monitored by Vanguard on the church’s YouTube page, Celebration TV.

The renowned cleric who revealed that all his family members and pastors are all Obedient (a nickname for supporters of Peter Obi) was cheered by his parishioners after he made the statement.

Speaking about how Nigerians have been struggling with a shortage of new naira notes, Apostle Suleman argues that Nigerians are only the victims of two clashes. He explained his position using a parable: he claimed that he heard the story from a ‘madman’.

His words: “All of them (the political parties) got together to kick out a man, they collapsed their structure and gave it to a man, they sponsored him with money they had at home, they did not take the money from the bank, it was at home they kept it, they sponsored it and on an inauguration day, the first thing the man said was that I am for everyone and I am for nobody. That must have told them that this is not a trustworthy person, this is ungrateful, they all came together again and supported him a second time, not knowing that this person never had them in mind.

“How did the person come back and the first thing they said they want is that they don’t want to buy votes, that people agree to sell their vote was because you impoverished them… Do you know who you are addressing, why drag all of us into their fight? Some governors now cry that the policy is harsh on Nigerians. They are saying that we must obey the rule of law, did they obey the court when the Supreme Court ruled that Nnamdi Kanu should be released?

“Do not plan your political life around an ungrateful person, he will retire you. At Omega Fire Ministries, God has blessed us, no matter the economy of the forest, a lion cannot eat grass. .. he uses this anger to vote against this evil. My wife, myself and my children are totally Obedient, we are not the ones who make noise on social networks, we work in the background and totally support… if you like vote insecurity, tribalism, bigotry or ethnicity. .”