Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential campaign council chairman Governor Udom Emmanuel says the moribund multi-billion naira Aluminum Smelter Company of Nigeria (ALSCON) in Ikot Abasi, Akwa Ibom state would be revived if the party wins the next presidential election. month.

ALSCON, which is located in Ikot Abasi, Akwa Ibom State, was privatized during the presidency of Olusegun Obasanjo with Atiku Abubakar, as vice president, who was in charge of the federal government’s privatization program.

Many have criticized Atiku for privatizing the smelter company at allegedly below market value, although the plant has since been closed due to many factors, including inadequate gas supply to the plant, alleged insecurity, and dispute for ownership of the plant after its closure. privatization.

Speaking at Ikot Abasi during an election campaign, Udom assured that with the rise of PPD standard-bearer Atiku Abubakar as president in the upcoming elections, ALSCON will be reactivated.

“One of the things that I have presented to Atiku is that the APC government has refused to reactivate ALSCON and I asked him if he wins today, will he support me to reactivate ALSCON? He said yes so Ikot Abasi you have every reason to support Atiku Abubakar. to victory,” he said.

He also told party faithful that with a government led by Atiku Abubakar at the center, issues delaying the takeoff of the ammonia and fertilizer plant, the Federal University of Technology and other projects located in Ikot Abasi will be addressed.

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The PDP state leader claimed that the state government has done a lot within its jurisdiction to give the project a head start, urging the people of Ikot Abasi and Akwa Ibom to vote en masse for the PDP candidates in all elections to ensure the chances of restoring Ikot Abasi’s lost glory and activating new ventures for socio-economic advantage.

“The slight delay in the fertilizer and ammonia plant is not our fault, it is NNPC that has been late in signing the agreement that will allow the transmission of gas from Eket to the coast, but every money for the ammonia and fertilizer plant in Ikot Abasi is 100% ready.

“Only a federal government that has an interest in the people can reactivate ALSCON. ALSCON is a federal project and I remember when ALSCON was running, Ikot Abasi had an influx of people from all over the world, we want to get that glory back.

Earlier, PDP State Chairman Aniekan Akpan, who presented the party’s flag to party candidates in the Ikot Abasi federal constituency, praised Ikot Abasi for being the PDP’s basket of votes in the past elections, assuring that he would not there is a need to weave in the upcoming elections and described the PDP as the only organized party in Akwa Ibom.

State PPD gubernatorial candidate Umo Eno thanked the people of Ikot Abasi for turning out in droves to welcome him and the party.

He spoke of his determination to renew the tourism industry and develop rural communities as an integral part of his Arise Agenda and reassured the people of Ikot Abasi about the dividends of democracy.

Eket senatorial district candidate Ekong Sampson, speaking on behalf of the hopefuls, said the PDP holds the key to reinventing Nigeria and saving it from the economic nosedive the nation has been in over time and He assured the people of Ikot Abasi that the governor and other aspirants will join forces to restore the glory of the ancient city of Ikot Abasi, especially as Governor Udom Emmanuel has already favorably positioned the state at the center of the incoming PDP government.

The political leaders of the area, Chief Obot Etukafia and Uwem Okoko, assured that even in the days of adversity, the area voted massively for the PDP, adding that 2023 will be a smooth journey for the party.