Wonderland Lagos Management at Eko Energy City has said that it is committed to the safety of its customers.

This was in reaction to the circulation of a video in which a parent filed a complaint about an experience at Wonderland Park in Lagos, in relation to an open cable incident.

In a park statement, management of Wonderland Lagos at Eko Energy City said it is committed to a safe and fun environment for all of its customers, adding that no one has died at its facility after a customer was electrocuted.

Wonderland Lagos co-founder Ezekiel Adamu said that prior to its opening, the state of Lagos conducted risk assessments before it was approved to function as an entertainment city.

The statement read: “We can assure the public that no lives have been lost at Wonderland Lakes, our safety policies are intact, the safety and leisure of our customers is our top priority and we are working with all of our vendors as well as the state. of Lagos, to ensure that Wonderland Lagos is a safe space for all of our children and families.”

“At the heart of Wonderland Lagos’ mission is providing leisure, play and culture to children of all ages. Safe parks and playgrounds are essential to building lasting memories and experiences, and we remain committed to providing this,” she added.

It read: “The safety of everyone who visits or works in the park is a top priority for us.

“For this reason, security precautions are taken very seriously with regular checks to ensure that all stipulated security rules, regulations and policies are strictly adhered to.

“The incident in question was not reported to Wonderland officials and was only made apparent in a viral social media post. Since then, park management has begun investigations and new rounds of safety assessments to ensure that families can enjoy themselves in a safe and supportive environment within the park.”

He added that the park administration had requested the Lagos state government to carry out another risk assessment, saying the park would be safely reopened to the public pending approval and approval of the facility.