Lanre Sarumi, the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) House candidate for Ibadan Northern federal constituency, has advocated for greater inclusion of young Nigerians in government and better representation to contribute to proposed laws and youth-focused policies.

Mr. Sarumi, who is a software technology consultant and politician, said this in Ibadan.

He said that the inclusion of young Nigerians in the government would help develop the nation.

Expressing confidence in winning at the polls in February, Sarumi said the youth are more prepared than before to take on the older generation.

According to him, the upcoming general elections give young Nigerians the opportunity to choose well.

“I am of the opinion that young Nigerians deserve better. We need good representation in the places that matter, where decisions are made. This is one of the reasons why I want to represent the Northern Ibadan federal constituency.”he said.

The aspiring lawmaker vowed to bring home jobs, investment and empowerment programs that will put Ibadan North in the news and on the world map, through his connections.

Speaking in Ibadan, Sarumi said: “Youth are ready to take up the mantle of leadership. I beg young people not to make themselves available to the political class to use them to foment problems during the elections”.

Revealing his plans to compete under the PDP, Sarumi, popularly called, “Skido”saying, “I want to take advantage of my vast knowledge to improve my community”.

Meanwhile, Ibadan residents have praised Sarumi’s display of love for his people.

Iyabo Adebisi

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