Asake he said this on Saturday in Kaduna in a series of one-on-one political dialogues with gubernatorial candidates about their plans.

The policy dialogue series, ‘The Agenda’, was organized by a civil society organization (CSO), the Association for Issue-Based Campaigning in Nigeria (PICaN) and Legal Awareness for Nigerian Women (LAWN).

It was supported by ActionAid Nigeria and the Partnership to Engage, Reform and Learn (PERL/FCDO).

Asake said that if elected, the LP government will focus on inclusive economic and infrastructural development and ensure institutional reforms and transparent administration.

He added that his administration will also be guided by the strategic direction towards security of life and property, sports, women, youth and the development of human capital.

“We will provide a safe, supportive and enabling environment with the necessary infrastructure and social services that will foster economic growth and employment opportunities.

“It will lift our people out of the multidimensional poverty they face,” he said.

He mentioned insecurity, poverty, unemployment, debt burden, among others, as the prevailing situation in Kaduna State, and vowed to address them comprehensively.

The candidate further said he would ensure social justice and strengthen traditional institutions to deal with insecurity which he said has caused businesses and agricultural activities to fail.

He noted that, as a whole, the people of Kaduna State, at the end of his term, should look forward to a secure, peaceful and prosperous state and guaranteed religious freedom and harmony.

He said that equity, equity and justice in decision-making, distribution of development, healthy, educated, trained and productive population should also be expected.

“We will ensure a favorable environment for the expansion of micro, small, medium and large companies in agriculture, commerce and industry, to improve people’s standard of living.”

Earlier, Mr. Abel AdejorState team facilitator PERL said the dialogue with the gubernatorial candidates was aimed at raising public awareness.

He also said it was to facilitate stakeholder review, citizen demand letter submission, and social contract signing on citizen groups’ demands.

He explained that the objective of the dialogue was to provide an interactive platform for the candidates to publicly present the content and context of their projects beyond rhetoric to details.

“It is to facilitate a multi-stakeholder participatory review of the plans, assess the capacity of each candidate, and increase public awareness of their plans to enable an informed decision at the polls.

“The key commitment of the candidate will be documented, as a basis for signing a social contract and accountability”, Adejor said.

Furthermore, Mr. Yusuf Goge, Senior Partner of PICaN and presenter of the forum, said that with the opportunity to create an interface between the candidates and the electorate before the general elections, democracy in Nigeria was advancing.

He noted that the forum would capture the agenda of the candidates and what they would do when elected in 2023.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the dialogue featured a fireside chat with the candidates and an interactive session with the participants and the signing of social contracts.

The LP candidate came with experts who helped answer specific questions related to the sector, as designed for the forum.

Areas that the forum focused on included health, education, agriculture, social inclusion, communications and information technology, income, debt, and sustainable reforms.